“Breaking new ground” | Frauke | Germany

There are times in life when everything happens at once, … and then, there is this one event that changes everything, that forces us to take of ourselves first. It’s time fo an auric clearing. Frauke was in such a situation. I’m VERY grateful and happy to receive such lovely feedback, and I’m even more delighted to witness the many positive changes in her life, and the choices she makes now, in a very different way, very thoughtful, focused and with lots of clarity. Thanks so much, dear Frauke!

“Dear Tamara, I needed some time to find the right words to express what I experienced. After the Auric Clearing, I literally woke up. What happened next, was a hurricane of emotions, intuitions and lots of creative ideas. It’s not easy to capture in words what happened to me ever since. I feel so much lighter, enjoying tears of joy and liberation… grief and pain go away and don’t hurt anymore. I’m breaking new ground every day.  It’s so beautiful to experience myself in a new way, to find myself being full of love, and to open up. Also regarding my profession, I became much more consequent and self-confident. It’s fantastic, to experience my true self and t enjoy my life. Thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart!”


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13. September 2018

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