Soul Realignment® uncovers the ancient wisdom of your soul and allows you to:

–   Leverage your soul’s special gifts and talents

–   Live in alignment with your soul’s highest path and purpose

–   Create abundance on all levels

Soul realignment is an intuitive process based on accessing your Akashic Records via your full past and current name, birth date, and place of birth.

This service will provide you with accurate and highly valuable information about your soul’s profile (e.g., your soul group of origination, your soul’s nature, your main soul energies, soul talents, life themes, and many other soul profile attributes).

It will also help identify your current energetic blockages and restrictions that your soul wants to address and to clear. These energetic blockages might be obstacles in your current life that prevent you from realizing your goals and visions.

Furthermore, this service will help clear the current blockages and restrictions and it will realign your soul with its original blueprint, including a download and an integration of all available soul “updates.”

Now, you are actually able to make different choices that are more in line with your soul’s highest path and purpose.

A Soul Realignment:

  • Provides highly valuable insights about your soul’s profile and your soul’s nature
  • Clears current blockages and restrictions
  • Allows you to tap into your power and to live in alignment with your soul’s path and purpose

A Soul Realignment® serves as the foundation for other Energy Field Mastery reading services. The Manifestation Blueprint is the perfect addition to your soul realignment as it shows you exactly how your soul effectively manifests.

A Life Situation Reading that is focused on your current experiences in various areas of your life will facilitate ongoing, follow-up clearing work.


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