I have always been fascinated by energy, the vital life force energy that flows through all of us, connecting us with Source.

As a child, I didn’t understand why “God” should be outside of us. No, this energy that drives all of us, was within me, was flowing through me! That’s what I felt. As you can imagine, I was very isolated in school with my perspective. I always said I want to develop myself as best as possible, to be able to help others. And I visualized the idea always with a big tree with strong roots, connected to the Earth and Heaven at the same time.

Almost twenty years ago, I started to question the consulting job I had at this time. I followed my intuition and booked a spiritual weekend seminar for businesspeople. Without any doubt, this weekend was a critical turning point in my life.
Ever since, I have taken classes, traveled around the world, learned, practiced, and worked on myself. I came in touch and learned a lot about rituals and various energy healing, quantum healing, and soul access techniques. I traveled worldwide and learned a lot from masters as Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland.

More than five years ago, I received my soul reading from Toby Alexander. And that changed my life again. Ever since I found my spiritual and personal development and growth home in Toby Alexander’s work and teachings.

Ever since, I’m fascinated by connecting the dots between psychology and “soulchology,” and I have practiced and learned to become a certified advanced aura clearing practitioner and an advanced karma clearing practitioner. Since February 2020, a dream became a reality, as I became one of Toby Alexander’s Licensed Certified Auric Clearing Master Healer.

At the core of my mission, it’s serving humanity as an Advanced Auric Clearing practitioner. Additionally, I love to develop Auric Clearing Practitioners so that this highly effective technique can be applied by many more practitioners worldwide.

Humanity needs lots of healing, and Advanced Auric Clearing is the essence and the starting point.

Connecting the dots between assumed different worlds, making these highly effective techniques available to people in the business world, in a language they understand, presented in their context, that’s another aspect of my mission.

I’m your key resource for transmutation and regeneration, dedicated to raising the energy frequency for you and on the planet.

Most relevant qualifications and certifications:

  • Licenced Certified Advanced Auric Clearing Master Healer (Toby Alexander)
  • Advanced Karma Clearing Practitioner (Toby Alexander)
  • DNA Activation Practitioner (Toby Alexander)
  • Heart-Wall Removal Practitioner (Toby Alexander)
  • Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner (Andrrea Hess)
  • Sundoor Master
  • Sundoor Breathwork Practitioner


Energy Field Mastery