Manifestation Blueprint


Each of us manifests differently, depending on our soul’s innate gifts and talents. Your Manifestation Blueprint is your recipe that defines how you can best leverage your potential!

The Manifestation Blueprint provides you with all the insights you need to better understand how you manifest in alignment with your soul’s nature, gifts and talents. It’s the recipe for how you can become successful in whatever you want to manifest.

In order to effectively apply your individual manifestation recipe, you should know more about the various ingredients and how they function together and what that means in the context of your soul profile. And that’s exactly what the Manifestation Blueprint does for you: it explains all the ingredients of your manifestation process, based on your individual soul context.

The Manifestation Blueprint is an incredibly rich service that provides you with lots of insights that will unleash all the secrets about your soul’s manifestation process. Along seven comparatives that go from one end of the spectrum to the other end, the manifesting blueprint identifies where your soul fits on that spectrum. For each of seven comparatives.

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