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The soul group of origination is the planet where your soul went right after being created by Source

Do you know your soul group of origination? Knowing it gives you insightful hints on who you are at soul level and provides you with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Chances are that you are not necessarily an “Earther” if you are interested in evolving your soul and living in line with your soul’s highest path and purpose. Your soul probably comes from another planet within our solar systems, such as Maldec, or Mars.

Souls that come from Sirius, Mintaka, Polaris, or the Pleiades, are star traveler souls because they come from elsewhere in the galaxy. Your soul could also come from another galaxy, such as the Andromeda galaxy. Additionally, there is the blueprinter soul group that has engineered and designed the soul world. They are travelers and incarnate where and when their unique gifts and talents are most needed.

Your soul group of origination determines critical attributes of your soul

This is especially so how you see and perceive the world around you, how you approach all areas of your life, and how you manifest in the physical world. That’s why the soul group of origination is one of the cornerstones of a soul profile, which is just one element of a comprehensive soul realignment service.

Whenever we look at a soul’s profile, it’s essential to look at all elements of the soul profile through the lens of the origination’s soul group.

Let me give you an example

A person who has the rare soul group of Maldec perceives the world as entirely different compared to a soul that comes from the Pleiades or an Alpha Centauri soul, or a Sirius soul.

  • Souls who spent lots of time on Maldec experienced a technically and mentally very advanced warring civilization that became over time so advanced that they blew up their planet. Maldec exploded in 49,686 BC and is now the asteroid belt. What does this mean for the souls who incarnated there at this time? Well, they all have a huge fear when it comes to making any decision. They are afraid of making decisions as they fear a catastrophic, devastating outcome.
  • In contrast, souls that come from the Pleiades are usually visionaries and action takers. Their motto is, “just do it.” Pleiadians are thriving in change, and have no issues with making decisions.
  • They have other challenges to overcome because successful implementations of their visions require a few steps in between and can rarely be achieved in one go.
  • Alpha Centaurian souls are very practical, mentally, very advanced, great problem solvers, have a strong work ethic, and get things done and implemented. They are usually great providers for their families and tent to show their love through practical steps rather than emotions.
  • Sirius souls instead are the “let’s find a better way” souls. They are the souls that don’t create and innovate from scratch. Instead, they are the souls that make the existing wheel, rounder, faster, and better. These souls are usually very organized; they also love structures and methods and processes. Hierarchies are not an issue for Sirius souls. They know how to navigate hierarchies and large organizations successfully. They may tend to over-plan and over-analyze, but that’s where they are good at. And this is how they make their decisions.

Now, let’s put these souls together. Can you imagine how the visionary Pleiadian soul would benefit from working together with an Alpha Centaurian soul and a Sirius soul to plan and successfully implement their vision? And the Maldec soul would be great a leading their risk assessments.

As a next step, you should consider your main soul energies to learn more about what you are energetically made of. Only then, you have the two core elements of your soul profile together. It’s important to always look at both pillars together to interpret soul energies through the lens of the origination’s soul group and the other way around.

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A Soul Realignment identifies your entire soul profile, including these main pillars, the soul group of origination and your main soul energies, and a lot more.