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Your heart chakra–the key to everything

Let me share with you why your heart chakra is the key to everything–when it comes to your personal and spiritual growth, and what it has to do with the Earth’s ongoing transformation.

Planet Earth is in transformation. No doubt. More and more high-frequency energies are coming in right now that all living beings must integrate. The Earth is opening her chakras to receive more and more high-frequency energy.

All living beings on the planet must integrate these incoming high-frequency energies. Are you prepared to be able to integrate these energies?

The higher your energy frequency already is, the easier it is for you to transform in line with planet Earth’s transformation. In other words, the more work you already did and you continue to do for yourself to clear energetic blockages that no longer serve you, the better.

And make no mistake, as the Earth’s transformation is speeding up as I’m writing this, it’s essential for you to continue the work on yourself, and to clear as much as possible. To me, my mission is crystal clear. I am continuously working on myself, and I am continuously learning higher-frequency techniques and protocols to assist committed human beings like you to become as clear as humanely possible to empower your potential.

The heart chakra’s special role

To be able to follow the Earth’s transformation, it’s specifically critical to clear all blockages from the heart chakra. Why is the focus on the heart chakra?

The heart chakra plays a key role in your personal growth and empowerment journey.

The main reason is that the heart chakra is the first chakra you need completely clear to be able to embody your soul identity. Remember your first three chakras, the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra, represent your incarnate identity. That’s basically where most of humanity is stationed right now–living from their lower chakras only that can easily be manipulated with fear-driven propaganda and politics.

You can either be in fear or in love

If your heart chakra is fully open, then there is nobody and nothing that can drive any fear within you. It’s not possible, as you are love.

Love is misunderstood and misused on the planet like nothing else. Love is falsely considered a physical attraction, or an emotion.

But that’s not what love is in the original design.

Love is a state of being. If you are familiar with IT language, you could say, love, is your “default” state. The default state is where your computer automatically returns to if you had to restart or reboot it.

Love is a state of harmony and balance that connects you to higher levels of consciousness. And that is where you can access your true and eternal self. That’s mandatory if you desire to embody your soul identity.

Your heart chakra֪–the key to your soul identity and to all that is

In ancient times, the activation of your soul identity would have happened automatically–because your heart chakra was open by design.

Nowadays, embodying your soul identity takes a lot more work and even more clearings, because your heart has most probably lots of energetic blockages. Some of these blockages are caused by manipulated DNA over thousands and thousands of years. Some are in your auric field, some are karmic in nature, and a lot more go much deeper; they sit at your cellular and DNA level.

Additionally, there are some seals implemented in your DNA with the sole purpose to block the opening of the human heart chakra. The Zeta Seal is one of them, as an example. There are many more that have to be cleared.

A human being with an open heart chakra is in their default state–in LOVE

A human being with an open and clear heart chakra

  • cannot be controlled by fear
  • is immune to fear
  • is in love, in the default state of unconditional love
  • knows that we are all individuations and expressions of something that’s greater than us, of ONE
  • knows that there is a much bigger consciousness beyond the first three chakras
  • cannot be manipulated with lower vibrational emotions
  • senses right away who speaks the truth and who follows an agenda of disruption

Imagine, everyone had already an open and pure heart chakra…

If everyone would love from the heart chakra and be in a state of love (in default state), nobody would send their children to a war, to die for no reason. Nobody would abuse our planet Earth and cause disruption and further separation from Source. Nobody would ever think of the Earth to be something separate from themselves. Nobody would be in fear, and nobody else could drive fear in others. Nobody would feel unworthy, or guilty, etc.

The list could go on and on…

The key to solving these problems lies in completely clearing and opening your heart chakra. And that requires clearing techniques that go way beyond auric attachments and karmic imprints. In fact, clearing techniques that impact the cellular and DNA level are necessary to fully clear and open your heart chakra.

Most common heart chakra blockages to be cleared

Let me ask you this, and as you go through these questions, imagine a scale of 1 to 10. For every question, select your number on that scale from 1 (not at all) to 10 (all the time).


  • When was the first time, you experienced betrayal? During your childhood? Caused by your mother or your father? Or a sibling?
  • How many times did you experience betrayal ever since?


  • When was the first time you felt rejected?
  • And what did that do with you in your adult life?

Fear, non-trust:

  • When was the first time you experienced fear, and consequently, non-trust?
  • When did that basic trust you were born with change into fear and non-trust?


  • Do you feel not being good enough, and unworthy? When did that start?


  • How much guilt impacts your heart?


  • And how much shame sits in your heart chakra?

And the list goes on…

These are examples of some of the most critical heart chakra blockages to be cleared. These blockages plus specific seals that keep the heart chakra closed and prevent it from opening up, must be cleared from your heart chakra so that you can keep up with the Earth’s transformation, that you can get into your divine default state of LOVE. And then, you already make a huge difference on the planet as you can no longer be controlled by fear. And you will stop buying into the fear-driven propaganda. And an open-heart chakra is the prerequisite for embodying your soul identity and your soul’s mission, living your highest path and purpose. And all of this is essential if you desire to keep up with the Earth’s speed of transformation.

What to do next?

  • Step #1: Clearing the seven most important DNA mutations (examples are the J- seals, the Zeta seal, the metatronic seals, the Tower of Babel seals, etc.) that have been implemented to keep the human heart chakra closed.
  • Step #2: Clearing your heart chakra with the latest, brand-new high-frequency codes and protocols on the planet. This clearing goes way beyond auric attachments and karmic imprints, it also clears issues at the cellular and DNA level. Clearing all issues of:
    • Betrayal
    • Rejection
    • Abandonment
    • Fear
    • Non-trust
    • Unworthiness
    • Shame
    • Guilt
    • Mother and Father issues
  • Step #3: Clearing all over and underactivity, and balancing your heart chakra to 100% energy holding ability.

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