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I hope you enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day with your Mother or as a mother with your children. This day is an excellent opportunity to review your relationship with your Mother or your relationship as a Mother with your children. Your Mother-relationship is essential for your entire life. And in most cases, it’s a challenging one. At least in some phases of your life.

Your Mother heavily impacted your life.

Your Mother taught you so many things, consciously and unconsciously.
Your Mother heavily impacted how you see the world and how you experience yourself.
Your Mother impacted what you believe about yourself based on what she felt about herself.
Your Mother impacted how you approach relationships also your relationship with your children.

Your Mother inherited her unresolved karma to you. And all her unresolved issues, emotions, and challenges impact your childhood and your entire life. However, she did whatever she could do for you on her evolutionary path of life. I know that this is heavy to accept for some of you. Let me unpack this for you.

Some of you are gifted with very close, deep, and beautiful relationships with your Mother. Congrats!

And some of you have severe challenges with their mothers or–equally important–with your children. And all these challenges are interconnected as your Soul chose your Mother, and your children’s Souls chose you as their Mother.

My relationship with my Mother was always challenging.

My relationship with my Mother has always been challenging. I was born as the third and last child–the late arrival in the family.

My Mother tried to balance everything as best as she could: the relationship with my Father, who was insanely jealous for years, and the relationship with my older brother and sister. Both could never live up to her extreme expectations. So, she pushed all her expectations onto me.

Growing up in Nazi Germany, experiencing WWII, she stumbled from living with her parents directly into the marriage with my Father. Her increasing frustration in her marriage greatly impacted her relationship with her children. Early on, we were pushed into the role of a relationship advisor.

When I was older, she often told me that she would never recommend that I’d have children myself, as she had to sacrifice her entire life because of us.
She always wanted to open a coffee shop and offer her amazing cakes. She never did. It wasn’t a financial issue. She was afraid of what others could say and what would happen if it went wrong. And first and foremost, she didn’t even believe that her cakes were special. They were awesome. Really.

My Father always talked about traveling here and there. But he rarely did. So, my Mother didn’t see a lot of the world.

One day, she was finally ready to leave my Father. I was around 12 years old and looking forward to ending the stressful family life, walking around on eggshells all the time not to do anything that could trigger my Father. Then, my older brother, who didn’t even live with us, interfered. And she put her clothes back into the closet. She never tried to walk away again.

When, in my mid-thirties, we were often traveling to Italy, I told her, come with us, just for a few days, so that you can see Italy. I have suggested this for years. She never came with us. She didn’t want to disturb us, even when I told her to make a mother and daughter trip.

Our relationship was never deep or close. I couldn’t understand most of her choices, and I had difficulty connecting with her being in the martyr and victim role for decades. I consciously knew it was her choice. However, having almost no common understanding, it was difficult for me to have a lovely conversation whenever I visited her, let alone a deep discussion.

In my early twenties, the relationship challenges​​ ​I was running into mirrored her marriage. Luckily, I sensed that after a while and could get out of this emotionally abusive relationship at age 30. That was hard for her, as I made a choice she wished she had made herself. However, we connected better after that.

Today, my Mother is living in a nursing home close to me. She has been sitting in a wheelchair for a few years, requiring help to get through the day.

Understanding and clearing your relationship with your Mother.

Understanding this mother relationship was a key milestone for my evolutionary path of life.

For years, I asked myself why my Soul chose her as my Mother?

The answer to this question came to me via a relationship reading and clearing a couple of years ago. I already did soul readings and clearing, also for relationships, for a couple of years when I started to create the relationship reading for our relationship. As soon as I saw my soul profile and hers next to each other, the answer was obvious.

I immediately saw that my Soul is a Pleiadian soul, and hers is an Earther soul. Right out of the gate, we have a very different worldview. While Pleiadians are big picture, visionary souls, Earther souls are just happy with their nine to five job routine. Focused on the 3D only, my Mother, as an Earther soul, didn’t care about her Soul or anything spiritual. Years ago, when I joyfully let her know that I would become an energy healer and a soul realignment practitioner, she said frankly, “You will never be able to do that.” I was heartbroken. How could she say that to her daughter?

Also, when it came to her soul energy profile compared to mine, there wasn’t a lot we had in common. But we had shared a couple of lifetimes already, mostly as mother and daughter. And given the soul level blockages, her Soul showed at this time, it became apparent why my Soul chose her as my Mother–I needed a learning partner as a mother. A learning partner who would force me to be honest with myself, be crystal clear with my journey, and get me on my path in the first place. Not giving up was the key learning for me, as she lived the opposite all her life.

The more expectations she projected onto me, the more I re-invented myself several times. And to be steadfast and relentless when I transitioned out of a full-time corporate role into my entrepreneurship, building my healing practice, writing a book, and offering what she needed most in her life – trauma clearing. Fast forward to today, she is asking me for whom I’d work? For my clients is my usual answer. Not what she likes to hear. In the meantime, I am no longer triggered by that, as I performed lots of clearing work for her and myself.

Today, I picked her up to spend the afternoon with us, my husband and my cats Hubertus and Joey. She was never an animal person. Even when my Father and I could convince her to have dogs, and I spent a lot of time with horses, she never connected to the animals. Today, she started asking about the cats and tried to interact with them. I hope that connecting with my cats helps her heal as well.

Today, I feel love and gratitude.

  • How is your relationship with your Mother?
  • Challenging?
  • Full of questions?
  • Do you have a hard time establishing common ground?
  • Or are there even traumatic events that require to be cleared?

As for me, a relationship reading for you and your Mother could be a powerful tool to understand your relationship at Soul level and to clear shared blockages, such as soul contracts, shared negative karma, pacts, bindings, and curses, vows, and many more?

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