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Recently, I stumbled upon a few social media posts that shared quotes on instinct while the caption referred to intuition and the other way around. As these terms often get confused, I felt guided to provide some clarity for you. 

Let me share these few paragraphs from my book Soul Cats – How Feline Friends Teach Us To Live From The Heart. Yes, this is more than a book about my soul cats; it also covers my journey to becoming who I am now. And, of course, intuition as the whisper of your soul is essential in all areas of your life, not only for working with animals, performing energy clearing, or soul insights work. Ideally, intuition guides you in all life situations and can become the foundation of your choices.

Instinct, intuition, and intellect

Let me quickly explain three terms ̶ instinct, intellect, and intuition ̶ so you can better understand what’s required to have conversations with animals.

Instinct belongs to the body. Instinct is when your body functions automatically. You don’t need to take care of your breathing, of your blood circulation, and millions of other processes in your body. Your instinct takes care of it.

Intuition belongs to your soul. Intuition is when your soul functions automatically. Intuition is when you receive insights and information from your Higher Self, from your soul. It’s this subtle feeling, which is often called “gut feeling” (which is actually a “heart feeling”). It’s your intuition that leads you to make a choice that may seem “unreasonable,” but your life changes forever for the better. It’s intuition to choose a spiritual teacher. Your soul knows who your teacher should be and when a new teacher arises at your horizon. It’s intuition if you feel guided to do this or to stop doing that. Intuition has no problems. Intuition has solutions. Intuition is not tangible, which is exactly what drives the intellect crazy. Because the intellect wants to explain, to define, to isolate, to calculate, etc.

Intellect sits in between instinct and intuition.  It’s the human mind, the rational mind. If you look at our educational systems, then you can clearly see that they are very focused on building the intellect only. Science is based on intellect only. The intellect knows “facts” which leads to the phenomenon that the intellect can only give old answers to new questions.

Of course, your intellect can help you a lot. As a servant, but not as a master.

Intuition as the guiding element

We are living in an era where everything is about technology. More and more technology is developed at an even faster pace to rebuild human intelligence. You know what I mean; I’m talking about AI, about Artificial Intelligence. 

I have a background in IT and have worked in the IT services and software industry for more than twenty-five years. I know how many investments were made in AI. I also know that AI didn’t make much progress for about a decade. But then, a few years ago, they made some breakthroughs, and AI has changed our everyday life.

Now, AI-based systems are everywhere, and you are unaware of them. 

In simple terms: In the past, you had software that was programmed in a certain way and performed exactly this program until an IT engineer updated the program if there were new requests. Now, AI-based software learns how to interpret the data it’s working with, and then the program adjusts the code based on the learnings. 

Practical examples: 

  • You are on a website looking for some information, and there it is–the messenger window pops up. It’s a bot that manages the messenger, not a natural person. And the bot is based on AI. It learned initially to deal with a set of predefined questions; over time, the bot is learning more and getting better at answering your questions. How happy are you with the answers of these bots? Not so happy, I guess. Far away from being really intelligent, right? You might be good at outperforming the bot until it gives up and asks you to wait in the queue to chat with a natural person.
  • If you run FB ads, there is a gigantic AI-based system behind that’s learning how to best play out your ads. There is a learning period for a few days (you may have noticed that), and then the system scales out your campaign based on what the platform learned to best deliver your ad.
  • You may use a trading bot for your shares or your cryptos. You define a few parameters allowing the bot to trade, learn, and adjust its mechanism.

Some examples are helpful and convenient, while others are sometimes (still) annoying. As always with new technology. 

We are out of balance, with too much intellect and not enough intuition

Don’t get me wrong; my message is not that I am against technology. My message is that we are out of balance as human beings and as societies. Totally out of balance. Technology became the master in so many areas of our lives. No longer the helpful servant. Technology, like the intellect, is great as a servant. But not as the master. 

We already have an education and science system focused on building the intellect, the rational mind. Now we have more and more technology determining our lives that’s also focused on intellect. Intuition is not even considered to be important. 

There are even technology companies that claim to rebuild intuition. If you check how they describe what they do, it’s bringing data (from the past) and expertise (from the past), and experience (from the past) together and powering it with AI to determine the future. That’s an intellect booster powered by AI based on past data. That’s, by definition, not intuition. It’s pure intellect.

Focusing on intellect only is living from the first three chakras only

Imagine you have a house with twelve rooms. Cool, right? Now, imagine you have only light in three rooms, or maybe in three rooms and the hallway. That’s when there are so many blockages in your energy field that your higher chakras are blocked and not activated. If so, intuition cannot even get through to you. And what you perceive as “intuition you cannot trust” is not intuition. Intuition itself is never wrong. 

Intuition comes from your soul, your Higher Self, and that’s you from the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, up to the fifteenth chakra. From the heart to your third eye chakra, that’s your soul identity. Your soul identity should be activated to receive accurate information from your soul. Make sense, right? If so, you would have light in six of the twelve rooms in your house.

Yes, there is more to you as a living being than your incarnate self and your soul identity. There is also your oversoul identity from your crown chakra up to the ninth chakra. And there is also your Christos avatar self. And your rishi self. 

Getting accurate information via intuition requires your energy field to be clear from energetic blockages. 

Clearing all your chakras from all blockages allows you to receive accurate information from your soul–and that’s intuition.

Your intuition comes from your soul–pure wisdom that consistently outperforms mind-based data collections

Do you remember moments when you had that glimpse and made an immediate choice that was not “rational”? That was intuition.

You might sense the energy in a meeting room with your customers and change your agenda within seconds because you tuned into the situation and your intuition guided you otherwise. And you won the deal, right?

You made have survived accidents by following the whisper that made you turn around the car in a millisecond. 

In a time where political systems are more and more focused on controlling people’s minds by driving fear (that only works if the heart chakra is blocked and the soul identity is not activated), it’s crucial that you get as clear as you possibly can and learn how to leverage your intuition.

Intuitive people also spot every lie. And they feel the truth. And nobody can take that away from them. Definitely not more lies.

It’s time to awaken your intuition to its full potential – to get light in all the rooms of your house!

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