Do you feel like something is blocking
you, holding you back?

I help you to clear those blocks
so that you can leverage your potential!

At the core of any challenge you experience, are energetic blockages that are holding you back and keep you where you are.

My mission is to empower human potential, your potential. That means to clear these blockages first, then to connect you to your soul’s wisdom and innate gifts and talents. Then, I help you to effectively navigate your new reality so that you can achieve your desired outcomes and live your life’s purpose.

Energetic blockages come in different forms and shapes, such as auric attachments, closed chakras, samskaras, and various karmic imprints. If you are committed to tackling the root causes rather than only treating the symptoms, I will take you on a comprehensive journey of DNA activation, self-growth, and soul insights that lead you to new levels of clarity, wisdom, insights, truth, and accomplishments.

To achieve different results, you have to increase your energy frequency.

Only then are you able to attract different situations, different people, different places, times, and events.

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What if you were clear from any blockages and could leverage your soul’s gifts and talents to create abundance on all levels of your existence – without stress and feeling overwhelmed?

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To your ongoing progress and clarity,

Tamara Schenk

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