The Only Auric Clearing You’ll Ever Need Is This One

Recursive protocols –the revolution in the world of energy clearing

You may have experienced an auric clearing before, maybe with me, and it was an Advanced Auric Clearing.

You may remember what I explained back then–that all blockages in your field are permanently cleared with this session. And I also said you should pay attention to not create new blockages the next day. If so, you had to work with your recording or get a new session.

Now, you will only need one auric clearing-the brand-new Advanced Recusirve Auric Clearing.

“Recursive” means “involving a process that is applied repeatedly.”

How does the auric clearing process know that it must repeatedly apply itself?

It works like programming software. Imagine when a software developer tells a program to work in an “if…then” manner.

The new protocol is programmed precisely this way:

After being activated and processed in you only once with the initial clearing, it then repeatedly checks if there are any new blockages in your auric field. 

If the code finds new blockages, it immediately works on you and clears them. Without any interference from me. And you also don’t have to do anything.

It just works as designed.

How do you know that you need an  Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing?

Check out these 9 symptoms. If you say Yes to only a few, you require an Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing to clear them and to ensure that no future auric blockages will ever stand in your way.

The 9 most critical symptoms that you have auric attachments:

  1. Your “buttons” can be easily pushed
  2. You frequently freak out
  3. You are often angry or have negative thoughts
  4. You are often fearful or constantly worried about the future
  5. You often feel low energy, especially when surrounded by other people
  6. You experience apathy, mood swings and irritation with life in general
  7. You don’t have your ideal body weight and tend to over-eat
  8. You have physical issues like illness, colds, flu, dis-ease, aches, and pains
  9. You have lots of inner voices in your head and sabotage yourself

Check out my video playlist here, to learn more about these symptoms of auric attachments that must be cleared. You can also read more about these symptoms here.

If you get a YES to most of these questions, then it’s probably about time to book your Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing NOW! 

An Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing Service begins with your commitment and intention. Then, during the online session, I will share more about your energy anatomy, then I will scan your energy body so that we know what the issues are and clear your energy field (entities, all seven embodied chakras, and all eight morphogenetic chakras, as well as portals and wormholes). You will get a soul “update” from your universal app store. Additionally, you receive guidance and recommendations for integrating the clearing and ensuring you have the best possible outcome.

This is what an Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing does for you:

  • Clearing recursively of all auric attachments (entities, occupants, portals, and wormholes) on all 15 dimensions of your awareness, permanently NOW; and recursively in the FUTURE
  • Clearing recursively all negativity
  • Clearing recursively all interferences
  • Boosts your cells (regeneration and rejuvenation)
  • Clearing of all sources of physical symptoms
  • Increases your energy frequency significantly
  • Allows you to live from an open heart
  • Creates an inner state of happiness and inner peace
  • Increases your ability to focus
  • Increases your power and vitality

Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing is an energetic prerequisite for embodying your Higher Self and living your desired life!

After the clearing, free from your previous blockages, you will have a higher energy level that allows you to attract different situations, people, places, and events. Then, if you choose to make different choices, you will experience different results.

An Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing service is a truly transformational, life-changing service.

I’m a Licensed Certified Auric Clearing Master Healer, certified by my teacher Toby Alexander. If you are on a healing journey, check out my Advanced Auric Clearing Practitioner Certification Program.

Use the contact form below and send me a message if you desire to do this!

This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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