Awaken The Healer Practitioner Training and Certification


Initiate Transformation And Empowerment for Yourself and Your Clients

Build and Grow Your Healing Practice

Experience a Journey of Personal Awakening

Do you love empowering your clients in a highly effective and holistic manner? Are you looking for a highly valuable online energy-clearing technique to enhance your portfolio of services?

Do you want to establish the foundation of your healing practice with the latest, most effective, recursive auric, karma, and entity clearing techniques? 

Whatever your primary driver for landing on this page, your intuition guided you to be here. And I’m super grateful to meet you. Something in you wants to grow, get started with your healing path, or enhance and enrich your healing, coaching, or mentoring practice.

Something in you is looking for a highly effective, transformational technique that leverages the latest in quantum physics and uses symbols, light, color, and sound to clear energetic blockages in all fifteen dimensions of your clients’ awareness.

This rich and transformational certification training ensures both:
Your personal growth and getting certified as an Awaken The Healer Certified Practitioner

This program is perfect for you if:

  • you have a deep inner calling to raise the energy frequency of your clients
  • you want to provide services for your clients that are truly transformational and life-changing
  • you feel guided to start or grow your healing, coaching or mentoring practice,
  • you want to enhance and enrich your portfolio with an effective, highly scalable, REMOTE and ONLINE clearing technique,
  • you are willing, resourceful, and committed to investing time, money, and energy into a nine-week journey of clearing, learning, growing, awakening, practicing and getting certified,
  • you are coachable and committed to follow, apply, and master this beautiful, life-changing modality in its entirety

Now, if your intuition says YES and this program is for you, send me a message using the contact form below, and I will send you the application form, and we take it from there. If your Higher Self says yes, and you are fully committed to mastering this modality and implementing it, I am 200% committed to you! 

The program is online, with one or two webinars each week, and we also have regular live Q&A sessions, a closed members’ area with all the recordings, and additional resources for your studies. I’m looking forward to teaching you this fantastic modality that will transform your life, your work, your inner being, and your clients’ lives as much as it changed mine. As you can see, I’m with you, all the way through this program to ensure that you will master the essential recursive clearing techniques, aura, entity, karma, fear and all levels of trauma clearing!

Let’s conquer the trauma on the planet

Let’s raise the energy frequency on the planet, and let’s empower human potential!

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