My Mission–Empowering Human Potential

I help you get back into your life’s driver’s seat. I help you clear all auric, karmic and trauma blockages that are standing in your way and holding you back from achieving your desired outcomes.

I connect you to your soul’s innate gifts and talents so that you can activate and embody your soul identity and experience a new level of clarity, harmony, and balance on all levels of your multi-dimensional awareness.

I help you activate your heart chakra and your DNA and increase your energy frequency so that you can live your life’s purpose, your mission. Empowered by your soul’s potential.

You have found the right place, if

  • you are at the crossroads of your life,
  • you are merely functioning to fulfill other people’s expectations,
  • you are driven by fear, worries, doubts, and hesitation,
  • you have negative thoughts and emotions,
  • you have “buttons” others can push way too easily,
  • you experience lots of mind chatter and low energy.
  • you are traumatized in any way

If that sound like you, you may want to learn more about my perspectives.

I believe…

All that is, is energy.
All that is, is consciousness.
Consciousness is energy.

There are universal laws that determine how our universe is initially designed.

The primary universal laws are the law of unconditional love, the law of connectedness, the law of collaboration, and the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of karma.

If we all just aligned our free-will choices to these primary universal laws, we would have a very different experience on the planet.

We are all here for a specific reason, at this critical point in time. If you are reading this, your soul’s origin is most likely not planet Earth. Instead, your soul decided long ago to be on Earth now for a specific reason.

And that reason is that your soul has a mission on the planet. Your energy is required. Now. Here. Because we need you to raise the frequency on the planet.

Your soul knows all of this. But your mind is probably telling you otherwise due to the conditioning in our societies and the challenges you might have experienced as you were growing up.

Now, you are at the crossroads of your life, merely functioning, and living up to other people’s expectations. You lack clarity, harmony, and balance on many levels. And deep within yourself, you know that you are not living YOUR life.

You carry lots of “baggage” from previous incarnations and this lifetime. As everything is energy, this old “baggage” that no longer serves you are energy blockages that contain your past traumas. And energy can always be transmuted. Into no-thing.

Most people never focused on “unpacking,” on getting rid of their “old baggage.” This energetic baggage comes in many ways: such as negative thoughtforms, fear, worries, anxiety, mind chatter, limiting beliefs, illusions, imprints, traumata, limitations, lack, shame, guilt, unworthiness, or undeservedness, just to name a few…

This old baggage, whether it sits somewhere in your energy field, blocks specific chakras, or is even imprinted in your DNA, as trauma does; it keeps your energy frequency where it is, at a low level. And your energy frequency determines your experience of life right now.

You can raise your energy frequency significantly if you can get rid of your old baggage. Imagine yourself as a balloon that gets rid of all the sandbags that are no longer needed. And then, the balloon raises up in the air. Like your energy frequency, if you get rid of your old baggage, of the sandbags that are no longer required.

With highly effective energy clearing techniques based on quantum physics, your “old auric and karma baggage” that are energetic blockages that hinder the flow of your vital life force energy, can be cleared. The higher your energy frequency, the more likely you can embody your Higher Self, do what you came here to do, to fulfill your mission on the planet.

We can turn things around if we all get as clear as possible, as fast as possible.

The second aspect of my mission is to teach you these highly effective clearing and activation techniques if your soul guides you to become a practitioner. Currently, I am offering an Advanced Auric Clearing Certification Program and an Ultimate Trauma Clearing Certification Program. And there is more to come. Soon.

How did I come to these beliefs? They are all based on my own journey and experience over the last twenty years, based on connecting the dots between quantum physics and the latest evidence of vibrational medicine, straightforward coaching, mentoring, and business techniques. I was at the crossroads of my life as well. I know exactly how that feels in various areas of my life.

You can read more about my journey here.

If this resonates with you, your soul will guide you accordingly. Talk soon.

To your ongoing progress and clarity,

Tamara Schenk



Energy Field Mastery



Energy Field Mastery

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