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A Relationship Reading helps you to evolve and deepen your relationships by providing an in-depth “soul understanding” of yourself, your partner, and everything that comes up in your relationships.

This service can be used for ANY close relationship, such as intimate relationships, business partnerships, siblings, parent/child relationships, and close friendships.

Relationships play a huge role in our lives. And relationships are essential to our personal growth and development. There are reasons why we are in a relationship at a certain point in time and why we might be in another one at another point in time. There is no such thing as “the right person at the wrong time.” No, it is the right person at the right time. We are in charge. We decide, based on our energies and intentions, the individuals we attract for intimate relationships, friendships or business relationships. There are themes certain souls apparently want to experience together in order to grow and to evolve.

Stay in your growth and learning mindset when it comes to any relationship! There is so much we can learn from our various relationships, if we stay open and if we look at it from a soul perspective to deeply understand each other and the root causes of our experiences.

Many relationships are karmic. That means that souls might share negative karma over many incarnations. Other souls meet over many incarnations and might experience the same or different kinds of relationships, such as parent/child, siblings, lovers, or being a married couple, often based on so-called soul contracts. In those cases, both souls are negatively impacted because soul contracts keep people repeating the same patterns and drawing energy from each other. Soul contracts are not romantic at all. In fact, they are negative as they cause separation from “source” for both souls.

A Relationship Reading provides highly valuable insights regarding:

  • Who both partners are at soul level: their soul group of origination, their soul energies, and their specific soul talents, themes and specializations
  • Energetic blockages you have in relationships in general and the specific energetic blockages that show up in this particular relationship
  • Ways to clear those blockages and to develop different perspectives on relationships

Before you consider a Relationship Reading, please be aware that this service will NOT fix a relationship. Instead, this service provides you with soul level insights, clarity and different perspectives on how to look at your relationship. Included is, of course, the clearing process of your relationship-related energetic blockages and the clearing process for your partner’s blockages, if the partner was proactively involved in the reading.

A Relationship Reading empowers you to evolve your relationships to a more in-depth and richer level, to grow individually and together at the same time. It is a beautiful, rich, deep, and touching experience.

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