You may know a lot about yourself, your skills, talents, attitudes, character traits, your “buttons,” your preferences, and a lot more. But do you also your main soul energies, what you are made of energetically? Probably not. Time to change that.

The key to living the life you desire is to make choices that are in line with who you are at Soul level

And therefore, it’s vital to know at least your primary and secondary soul energies. Those determine what you are made of, energetically. If you express your main soul energies you are most abundant in, it’s much easier for you to manifest your goals and visions, to manifest abundance on all levels of your existence. Only then are you creating and manifesting in line with your Soul’s highest path and purpose, leveraging your Soul’s innate gifts and talents.

There are eight different soul energies every Soul has access to

These eight soul energies are divine compassion, divine creation, divine order, divine love, divine self-expression, divine truth, divine power, and divine wisdom. Imagine a pie with eight pieces. Depending on the energies you are most abundant in, you have eight slices with very different sizes.

Usually, there is one piece of the pie that’s dominating the entire cake, which can take up to fifty percent of the spectrum. That’s your primary soul energy. That’s the energy you are most abundant in, that’s the energy that determines what you are made of, energetically. Some souls also have a secondary soul energy, another big piece of the soul energy pie. And then, the six remaining energies have smaller portions.

Now, let’s have a look at these soul energies and what their characteristics are. I will give you a few keywords here for each soul energy. If you are interested in more, please register for one of my webinars on “soulchology”

Divine compassion

  • Highly compassionate, tolerant, unconditional, in various areas, such as children, hospice care, animals, environmental issues,
  • Highly “other-focused,” tend to overgive, may try to help from a place of lack
  • “Put on the oxygen mask first before you help children” is a principle, divine compassion souls should apply to protect themselves

Divine creation

  • Manifesting and building at the physical level
  • Builders, enjoying creating something that lasts

Divine order

  • Energies of balance, harmony, beauty, law, perfection, and peace
  • Innate sense of fairness, law, and karma

Divine love

  • Healing gift of loving acceptance and non-judgment
  • Many healers have divine love as their primary soul energy
  • May end up over-giving, may end up depleted

Divine self-expression

  • Communication experts
  • Love language, the written and spoken word
  • Inspire people
  • Need to “talk things through “

Divine truth

  • Personal, highly subjective truth
  • Intuitive, clairvoyant
  • Human lie detectors
  • Diplomacy is their challenge

Divine power

  • Powerful creators and manifestors
  • Freedom of choice is key
  • They move fast
  • Natural leaders, entrepreneurs

Divine wisdom

  • Live in alignment with Universal Laws
  • Concise, profound, reasonable, principles-based
  • Logic over emotionality

Your primary soul energy describes what your Soul is energetically made of

Identifying your Soul profile is, most of the time, a massive relief for people as they understand themselves on a deeper level. Finally, things make sense, and struggles over the years can now be explained at Soul level.

Embracing and consciously leveraging your main soul energies empowers you to create and manifest your goals and visions in line with your Soul. Leveraging your primary soul energy allows you to get into a flow. Things start to unfold with ease, instead of stress and overwhelm. And that’s often the turning point because knowing what your main soul energies are is only the first step. The second step is to apply these Soul insights daily and to make choices that are in line with your main soul energies.

Often, people are surprised to hear about their soul energy profile. The reason for that is that we usually try to model what societies or jobs expect from us. That leads to applying learned skills we are not naturally abundant in. We might become good at those, but things will never flow with ease. Another reason is that you might resonate more with who you want to be instead of who you are at Soul level. That’s why you maybe don’t consider your main soul energies as gifts. Another reason could be that energetic blockages hinder you from successfully leveraging your divine gifts. That’s why a soul realignment ® always includes a clearing of soul level blockages.

All soul energies are perfect as they are

The Soul is perfect as it was created by Source. And there is no soul energy better than another one. Consider your main soul energies as divine gifts. Embracing your divine gifts allows you to tap into your divine power to create abundance on all levels of your existence.

Finally, soul context matters! Your main soul energies have to be put in the context of your soul group of origination and a few other soul profile criteria, such as your Soul’s life themes and soul specializations. Additionally, your current energetic blocks and restrictions will also be identified and cleared with a soul realignment ® service.

It’s your choice to discover, embrace, and use your divine gifts! What are you waiting for?