Do you know …
…where your soul comes from, on which planet your soul incarnated for the first time after its creation from source?

Chances are that you are not necessarily an “Earther,” if you are interested in evolving your soul and living in line with your soul’s highest path and purpose. Your soul probably comes from another planet within our solar system, such as Maldec or Mars. Souls that come from Sirius, Mintaka, Polaris or the Pleiades, are star traveller souls because they come from elsewhere in the galaxy. Your soul could also come from another galaxy, such as the Andromeda galaxy. And another group, the blueprinter souls have designed the soul world. They are travellers and incarnate where their gifts and talents are most needed.

There are reasons why we all incarnated on Earth at this time. Because all these souls have unique gifts, talents, and attributes that are needed on Earth to raise the frequency on the planet.

Your soul group of origination determines key attributes of your soul, how you see the world around you, how you approach all areas of your life, and how you manifest in the physical world. That’s why the soul group of origination is one of the cornerstones of a soul profile which is just one element of a comprehensive soul realignment service. Click here for more information.

Stay tuned. Next time we discuss soul energies, another key element that determines who you energetically are!