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Intense experience and powerful transformation @ Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

When Nathalie contacted me, she resonated with something I talked about on a podcast–that you cannot talk away trauma. And that’s “energetically speaking” accurate. Traumatic experiences lead to energy blockages at the cellular level that form so-called “trauma triggers.” These trauma triggers are patiently awaiting to be –often unconsciously–pushed by others. And then, the reaction is usually a heavy one, driven by fear.

We talked about that and due to her severe childhood traumas, she already worked on them with a trauma therapy. “Saying that I am good enough doesn’t make me feel good enough” was her resume after two years of trauma therapy. She decided to go the “energy clearing“ way this time to address the root causes of her trauma.

Solution over eight weeks

We started with an Advanced Auric Clearing to clear her energy field from all attachments on that level to set Nathalie up for the following deeper karmic and trauma clearing sessions. The auric clearing brought up a lot of issues for her.

Karma clearing was next, focused on inherited karma and relationship karma. After the karma sessions, she started to feel a lot better and felt the difference in energy, also that buttons other could push before did no longer exist.

Then, we started with the clearing of her past life trauma. She integrated that very well but was then a bit scared about the next sessions: She already expected them to be heavy. The prenatal and birth trauma clearing was intense, and she processed a lot the week after.

We paused for a week due to illness and restarted the process with another round of auric clearing to speed up the healing process, and she felt fantastic after that. Then, the childhood trauma clearing took place, followed by the adulthood trauma clearing and the special traumas.

Transformation for Nathalie – “Intense experience and powerful transformation”

She went through a massive transformation. It was beautiful to see how calm she handled being sick, and how reflective she handled her recovery. She developed a lot more trust and inner peace and she also developed a lot more connectedness. After going herself through the trauma clearing sequence, she also developed a lot more self-esteem and mental strength, and emotional balance, as we cleared the root causes of it, her various childhood traumas. And above all, lots of clarity!

“That is what has changed IMMENSELY since the clearing I did with you: I cannot stand anymore to not tell the truth or if someone else is not telling the truth. For some reason I see clearly now when someone is lying or not. And with lying I also mean: pimping the truth to come out better or exaggerating how bad something was just so I would feel sorry for them. That doesn’t work on me anymore! That’s so much more powerful!

I’d recommend Tamara’s trauma clearing program to anyone who wants to address the root causes of their traumas.”

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