Case Study Trauma Clearing – “Incredible, I am happy again!” Tanja

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Incredible, I found my peace again | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

Initial situation

When Tanja contacted me, a lot in her life had gotten off the rails. Her mother had recently died– way too early. And she had lost her father before she was even grown-up. Then there was a severe back injury and a job with less-than-ideal conditions where she didn’t feel comfortable at all.

Solution over three months

The first step for Tanja was an Advanced Auric Clearing that cleared various energetic blockages on all 15 dimensions of her awareness. She felt the clearing in her lower back, where fears and worries sit. We made the first steps to improve her lower back pain.

Then we continued with karma clearing and cleared all inherited karma from her genetic parents and ancestral lines and all karmic imprints related to that. There was also a lot to be cleared regarding relationship karma.

Then the actual trauma clearing work began: first with the traumas from past lives, then with the prenatal and birth trauma. The prenatal and birth trauma was heavy and very impactful. Tanja was born with an umbilical cord around her neck. Two times around her neck, to be precise. These are traumas that can be passed on. Imagine how Tanja’s son was born. Exactly, also with the umbilical cord two times around his neck. A classic example of inherited traumas that run through families. Until one stops it by clearing the trauma energetically, as Tanja did.

More traumas showed up, ready to be cleared in the following childhood trauma clearing. Growing up in a patchwork family with a father who fell ill and died when Tanja was still young is a foundation for various childhood traumas. Then, we cleared soul-level traumas of her adult life and special traumas on the emotional and mental levels.

Transformation for Tanja

“Before going through the trauma clearing program with Tamara, I was often very desperate and no longer myself.

I was always sad, the work was just not fun, and I tortured myself to work every day. My doctor said that I was about to run into burnout. But I had to work, so I went to work and looked after my mother who had an accident about a year ago and from that point on everything changed.

I struggled with many things for years. And tried to please everyone and often forgot myself, which also led to back problems in the intervertebral discs. Then I met Tamara, we talked, and I just told her about everything. She suggested trauma clearing and simply clearing all past traumas energetically to overcome them and feel better.

I agreed and was curious about what would happen. What can I say? I would always do it again and highly recommend this work.

After the first session, things remarkably changed for me, although the session was challenging as many traumas came up. But I felt much better, liberated from lots of “baggage.” 

And I started to sort everything out of my life that didn’t serve me any longer–really everything–and that was amazing. I became a lot more relaxed. And I quit my job and applied for another role that resonated much better with me.  

And the best thing ever–I found my peace through this program and this incredible experience with Tamara. And now, I can finally say at the age of 34; I am happy with my new job and my life due to clearing my past trauma blockages and working through many different trauma areas of my life (birth, childhood, teenage, and adulthood). Many, many thanks again, Tamara.”

Tanja experienced an enormous transformation. Not only did she get rid of her back pain, but she was also able to put away fears and worries and quit a job that didn’t fulfill her. And now, she found a role that suits her skills and preferences much better. She is currently helping older people spend the last stages of their lives in the best possible way.

Most importantly, she was also able to overcome the trauma of her mother’s death with everything related to it that had weighed on her shoulders in the preceding months. A massive relief for her.

As soon as Tanja regained her mental strength after the trauma clearing, Tanja’s clarity and decision-making power came to the forefront again. And she is impressively implementing her plans.

Thank you, dear Tanja, for your trust! I’m thrilled to see how you have already transformed your life!

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