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Trauma comes in many forms and shapes. Trauma runs very deep. It sits at the cellular level, often directly in your DNA. Most importantly, you cannot “talk” a trauma away.

In this article, I will show you why coping with trauma is not a sustainable solution and why clearing the trauma energetically at the quantum level will make a massive difference for you and your relationships, life, dreams, visions, and goals.

How to diagnose if there is trauma sitting deep within you

Did you have a difficult birth, or did your mother experience a hard time while you were in the womb? Did you experience a challenging childhood? Did you ever experience stressful relationships, difficult break-ups, or even a divorce? Did you ever experience any sexual, mental, or emotional abuse, or any mobbing? Did you ever lose your job? Did you ever experience bankruptcy or substantial financial losses? Did you ever lose loved ones? And did you ever experience an accident?

If you could only say yes to one of these questions, you can be sure that you have a trauma sitting deep inside of you. You may have learned how to cope with it, but most probably, your trauma has not been cleared energetically at the quantum level. Therefore, it’s still sitting there, waiting to be reactivated, even many years or decades later.

Now, let me unpack all things trauma by clearly defining what trauma is, what trauma types exist, why coping with the trauma is not a sustainable solution, and how to actually clear it.  

Trauma examples and trauma defined

Examples of traumas are, for instance, accidents, shocks, sexual, emotional, or mental abuse, any kind of mobbing, birth trauma, an extreme betrayal, a bankruptcy, the loss of a loved one, a difficult break-up, or a divorce. And the list goes on…

Now, when one of these situations happens, your mind goes analogical at that moment of the trauma. And that means that at that moment, the time seems to stop for you. You probably cannot even breathe for a moment.

In such a situation–energetically speaking–the trauma creates an energetic potential at the quantum level. And that’s simply an energetic blockage, a soul fragment of you that holds the traumatic experience. It’s like creating a “trauma button.”

Depending on the situation and the emotion you felt when the trauma occurred, the energetic blockage that consists of tiny energetic particles attaches itself to the chakra that corresponds to that emotion. For instance, if you feel profound betrayal, the energetic trauma blockage goes to the heart chakra. If you felt like a victim, most probably if the trauma involves any abuse or mobbing, the energetic trauma blockage goes to the sacral chakra.

If you follow my work, especially auric clearing, you may ask: Is the trauma not just an auric attachment? Not, it is not. The trauma goes much deeper than the auric field only.

Trauma-related energetic blockages are stored at the cellular level and the DNA. 

How your trauma buttons get triggered repeatedly

Imagine the energetic trauma blockage as a button. This button stores the memory of the trauma at the cellular level and the DNA. Now, when this button gets pushed by a particular trauma trigger, the button gets reactivated and runs the trauma program immediately from last time. You most probably will have an extreme reaction, usually one that’s based on fear. And what does fear? Fear wants to keep you safe. With the fear-based response, you don’t follow your dreams. Fear wants that you stay where you are. Fear wants to keep you safe.

The more trauma you experience, the worse is the impact on your life

The “trauma button” keeps the trauma memory alive and adds the newly added traumatic experience. And that happens with every re-activation, which makes the trauma button bigger each time and your reaction more extreme. Each time. This is when things become worse for you in all areas of your life.

One of my traumas–falling out of my baby crib

Let me share one of my traumas with you. My baby crib was in my parents’ bedroom. I was only a few months old when it happened. One night, my baby crib broke down, and I fell out and landed on the floor, just a few months old. I still remember this situation, my totally stressed-out mother, who was focused on making me stop crying, and my father trying to fix the baby crib.

Many years later, I was already in my thirties, I attended a spiritual weekend workshop. One of the outdoor exercises was a trust fall. If you don’t know it, it’s a situation where you make yourself fall backward into the holding hands of your team members who build a holding chain for the person processing the trust fall. As the name says, this can only be done if you trust.

All my silent trauma buttons were heavily pushed. I wasn’t even consciously aware of these buttons. However, they were reactivated, and they didn’t allow me to process the trust fall. It took me hours working with myself and finally overcome my fear and making the trust fall. I was in tears for a long time after, as this experience was highly emotional for me.

Only many years later, these last few months, to be precise, while I was working on clearing my own traumas, did I make the connection between these two situations. The extreme fear regarding the trust fall came from the trauma of falling when I was only a few months old. A lack of trust has always been an issue for me in the past. Now, I could clear it. Finally. What a relief. It’s an incredible feeling of liberation, of finally feeling free. A tremendous burden has been removed and taken away from my shoulders. And I’m building a lot more trust since the clearing. And that is now positively impacting all areas of my life.

You cannot “talk” or “train” a trauma away

If you look around, you will recognize that many people are going through life having their own traumatic events reactivated all day long by things people are doing or saying around them. And their energetic trauma buttons become bigger each time–stored in the energy field, the cellular level, and the DNA.

You might be aware of your traumas. And some of you have gone to trauma therapy. For weeks and months, you were talking about various traumatic experiences in your life. I am sure that you mentally realized and understood what had happened and why. You most probably also learned how to cope with the trauma.

However, the root cause of why the trauma still negatively impacts you in all areas of your life is still there and has not been removed. In other words, the energetic trauma buttons are still there, deeply rooted at the cellular and DNA level, patiently waiting to be pushed and reactivated again. And the trauma cycle continues. Because the trauma has not been cleared yet. You only learned how to cope with it. But you cannot “talk” a trauma away.

As you can see, coping with trauma is not sustainable because you keep your energetic trauma buttons in your body/mind/spirit system, waiting to be reactivated. Even if that’s decades later. Instead, we should always aim to clear the trauma rather than finding ways to cope with the trauma. And this is where energetic trauma clearing comes into play.

Clearing the trauma instead of coping with the trauma

If you read the article until here, you are most probably interested in addressing the root causes of your traumatic experiences.

Energetic trauma clearing happens at the quantum level with commands, codes, and protocols that can clear the energetic blockages out of the auric field, the cellular system, and the DNA. 

Then, the memory of the trauma has been cleared out of your body-mind-spirit system. This clearing work at the quantum level is highly effective and transformative for people.

I worked with a client who experienced a challenging birth and not an easy childhood. She wasn’t really welcomed as her parents expected her to be a boy. Then, her birth was “on hold” if you will, and then a vast thunderstorm occurred. And then, she was born within minutes. During the clearing of the birth trauma, she shared that a thunderstorm happened where she lived when we started the session. Right before the end of the clearing, the thunderstorm ended. Massive transformation as she realized that there is no need to wait for a thunderstorm to take action. Now, she is taking the next required actions towards her vision and dreams. Something she didn’t do for decades. Isn’t this beautiful?

Trauma clearing requires a tailored approach – as your dreams do

There are many different trauma types, and usually, every situation requires a few traumas to be addressed and cleared. We will develop a program to clear your traumas entirely out of the cellular and DNA level with you. Then, you get back into the driver’s seat of your life, and without trauma buttons, you can actually work towards your visions and goals and manifest your desired outcomes. Read more on my trauma clearing services here.

Do you want to continue to COPE with your traumas? Or do you desire to CLEAR your trauma so that you can live the life you desire?

Contact me here on the website, and we will take it from there.

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Image: Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash