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How Fear Leads to Auric Attachments and What The Coronavirus Fear Means For Your Health

Fear is all over the place. If you consume mainstream media regarding the coronavirus and its impact on almost all areas of our lives, many people create more fear every day. And fear leads to more auric attachments. And that leads me to another symptom of auric attachments I wanted to write about in more detail.

A symptom of auric attachments: You have physical problems like illness, colds, flu, dis-ease, aches, and pains

By now, you learned a lot about auric attachments, how these attachments are created, and how they negatively impact your life. You also learned what the four main symptoms are so you can check yourself if you have any of those.

The fifth symptom is about physical problems. First, these are not “normal,” and you should not have these. Yes, you read this correctly. Even if the mainstream media and certain industries want you to believe this.

Physical problems don’t just appear for no reason out of nowhere in your body. Before a physical symptom shows up – which means it is visible and/or painful for you – it was already in your etheric field in the form of an auric attachment, an energetic blockage.

If energetic blockages are not cleared, then they eventually manifest physically as an ache, pain, or dis-ease.

Every physical symptom, ache, or pain is the result of an auric energy blockage. That means the energetic blockage, when created, appears first in your energy field before it eventually manifests as a physical symptom. As you learned here, you know how energetic blockages are created, mainly in a situation of shock, accidents, abuse, etc., when the time seems to stop.

And you can’t clear the source with a pill or medicine because that just covers up the symptom. So, the goal should always be to clear any energetic blockage BEFORE it can manifest in the physical body.

To heal the physical issue, we must go to the SOURCE, which is the auric attachment, the energetic blockage. Once that is cleared, the physical symptom can disappear as it has nothing to manifest from.

Various research studies confirm that changes in the etheric structure precede pathological changes of illness in the physical body.

What we know from the field of energy research for many decades is that “changes in the etheric structure precede pathological changes of illness in the physical body.” [Richard Gerber, in Vibrational Medicine, referring to research studies from e.g., Tiller, Dumitrescu, and Kenyon].

Changes in the etheric structure, that’s what an auric attachment, an energetic blockage, leads to. More precisely, the vital life force energy can no longer flow as freely as it should. So, you will experience a lower energy level.

The more energetic blockages exist in a person’s energy field, the more are diagnosed in their etheric structure. And that leads to low levels of energy. In other words, your energy frequency goes down.

Energetic blockages come in different forms and shapes

We talked about how auric attachments are created here, for instance, in situations of shocks, accidents, abuses, etc. where the time seems to stop. Depending on the emotion you felt at that moment, the energetic blockage attaches to the related chakra that matches the frequency of this emotion. For instance, heartbreak goes to the heart chakra; worries and fears go to the second chakra.

Fear – the dominating emotion right now in times of the coronavirus. What does this mean for YOUR health?

Reviewing the current coronavirus crisis, how do you feel about it? And what do you feel? Fear? Worries? Or are you consciously fear-less?

If you look around, you will notice that the mainstream media is focused on creating fear and maintaining fear with even more bad news, spectacular cases, or quarantine situations of whole countries. All that to slow down the outbreak.

Did you notice that all the positive cases, all the patients who managed and survived the virus, who are doing ok are not even mentioned?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to downplay the virus. What I do want is to put things into perspective and show you how the current fear is actually the most significant problem when it comes to the coronavirus.

Fear is created and spread all around the world. If you see how people behave when it comes to panic buying, and even stealing sanitary products that are critical for the medical professions and hospitals, then you can be certain: Fear, a tremendous level of fear is the root cause of it.

An energetic blockage that seems to become bigger and bigger for many people as I’m writing this. What does this mean? And why is it so essential to clear the fear?

Being driven by an emotion like FEAR leads to huge auric attachments that decrease your energy frequency – and that’s a situation where physical symptoms can manifest!

As explained above, the source of all physical symptoms is an energetic blockage that’s there long before any physical symptoms occur. For lots of scientific evidence, see also Richard Gerber: Vibrational Medicine.

Only if there are any blockages or attachments, “changes in the etheric structure,” existing, physical symptoms can occur.

So, the more fear you develop, the more auric attachments you create, and the more likely it is to develop any physical symptoms.

In other words, there are many cases of people who got the virus but never developed ANY physical symptoms. Why? Because they had no energetic blockages the virus could possibly manifest from. Because they had little to zero blockages, their vital life force energy could flow freely and effectively as it should.

So, these people’s energy frequency was significantly higher. They had no blockages that stopped the flow of their life force energy. Nothing that put their energy level down. And that means almost no chance for any virus to manifest from.

Taking care of your energy field’s health is as important – if not more important – as taking care of your physical health.

Get your auric field cleared. The time is now.

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