Whenever I begin working with a client, the ideal first step I recommend is an aura clearing. After that, it can go in many different directions, depending on your specific situation, the problems you want to solve, and the goals you desire to manifest.

Even in my CIP – Career Manifestation Program, after assessing the point of departure, setting intentions and goals, an aura clearing is the first step to basically re-establish your energetic integrity.
Yes, that’s precisely it.

An Aura Clearing re-establishes your energetic integrity and raises your energy frequency.

That’s accomplished by clearing all existing auric attachments at the quantum level. Those auric attachments can lead to, for instance, self-sabotaging your efforts, preventing you from leveraging your true potential, causing severe challenges in your private or professional life.

Additionally, auric attachments can also cause serious health issues, if they are not cleared early on before they can manifest into a dis-ease.

Most of us carry some energetic “baggage” that has never been unpacked. Even worse, not being aware of this leads to collecting more of the same energetic baggage. The more challenging your experiences, the more “baggage” is added to your energy field, your auric field. And then it’s getting harder and harder. Harder to change. Harder to make progress. Harder to achieve your goals. Harder to live the life you want and deserve.

Auric attachments are created in situations when the time seems to stop.

Think about an accident, a traumatic experience such as an accident, an abuse, a betrayal, a separation, a divorce, or an unexpected career challenge or a job loss. Imagine an experience where you think time stops. No time. That’s how some of the worst auric attachments are created in your energy field.

Depending on the emotion you feel at that moment, the auric attachment goes to a specific chakra and leads to an energetic blockage in your etheric body or directly in your physical body. In such a situation of “no time”, let’s say you feel like a victim, then the blockage goes to the second chakra. If you feel hurt regarding your self-esteem, the blockage goes to the solar plexus chakra. If you feel betrayal, the blockage goes to your heart chakra.

The more auric attachments you have, the lower is your energy frequency.

Wherever the blockages go, your vital life force energy can no longer flow as it should. Instead, your vital life force energy is stuck. And that means that your energy frequency decreases and that you are stuck in various areas of your life. THAT’s the actual problem that comes with auric attachments. And that’s why it’s ultra-important to clear auric attachments right away before continuing with the specific problem you want to solve.

Clearing auric attachments is an energetic prerequisite for accomplishing your desired outcomes.

Because if your life force energy cannot flow, you cannot live your true potential. You simply don’t have the energy to do so. You are energetically not able to operate at your highest possible level. You cannot be the best version of yourself. It’s as simple as that.

Do you want to get rid of past negative emotions, trauma, and drama in your life?

Do you want to live the life you desire? Do you want to leverage your true potential?
Go ahead and get your auric field cleared.

Stay tuned! Next time, I will share four symptoms of auric attachments!