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For some of you, it happened before, the experience of a serious career challenge that impacts your entire life. Last time, you might have relied on headhunters and career coaches, and you might have attracted a similar role.

Now, it happened again. Often, out of the blue. And it feels different this time. It has hit you hard!

The trigger event is, for instance, a reorganization, downsizing or consolidation of different office locations, a merger or an acquisition. Maybe your company was just sold, and you have a hard time to figure out whether your role will be removed from the org chart or not. Perhaps you already got your “package,” and you might ask yourself: What’s next? What now? What is precisely my role here?

Whatever your case might be, you are in the middle of a serious career challenge that impacts your entire being. The package will end soon, and you already feel financial pressure coming up. Also, you feel that your career challenge is already negatively affecting other areas of your life.

You know that this time, it’s more than just getting a new job. You know that you have to grow yourself first to be able to attract a different career that’s more in line with who you are at soul level. You know that you want to master your career challenge holistically, tackling the root causes of your current experience. 

You are ready for a change. You want to learn how to attract a career that’s in line with your soul’s nature, with your innate gifts and talents. First and foremost, you want to regain your energy, confidence and power.

If that sounds like you, you are absolutely in the right spot!

The CIP Career Manifestation Program tackles your career challenge holistically, allows you to attract your dream career in 10 weeks without having to rely on headhunters and career coaches only, without having to post daily on all business networks that are out there to get recruiters’ attention.

Instead, the CIP Career Manifestation Program  uncovers your unique competitive advantages that raise your confidence, your power, and your energy frequency. Based on that, the program enables you to discover your mission and teaches you how to manifest your desired outcomes and how to take the next required actions to attract your dream career.

It’s a one of a kind program tailored to people like you in the business world who want to tackle their career challenge in an integrated and holistic way, leveraging the latest energy healing techniques in your business context, identify your dream role and business environment, and sharpen your profile so that things are tangible and applicable for you right away.

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  • even if you never invested in your personal growth and development before,
  • even if you have no glue what your dream career should look like, or
  • even if you never touched anything called “energy” or “soul” before just to get back to a career they love!

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