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Today, I’m going to share four symptoms to see if you have auric attachments. This way you can diagnose yourself and see if you have any auric attachments that need to be cleared. Let’s get started.

#1: Others can “push your buttons” way to easily; you are often reactive.

If others can “push your buttons,” it means that there are buttons implemented in your Auric Field that can be pushed. If no buttons are implemented, no buttons can be pushed. Now, where do they come from?

The reasons for those buttons to exist, are two-fold: One reason is that you have an auric attachment in your second chakra, created in situations where the time seems to stop. See also here.

Now, in these analog situations, “buttons” are created and implemented. And as the neural nets related to the emotion of that situation (fear, betrayal, worries, shock, etc.) plug together, the prerequisites are already implemented for your buttons to grow. Because when a similar situation occurs next time, your button already knows how to “react” immediately. It’s starting a program based on the initial emotion. It’s like pushing the “order” button or the “save” button in a computer system. There is a program behind the button that gets started immediately when the button is pushed.

While this makes sense for an “order” button in an online shop program, you don’t want to automatically “react” to certain situations just because others pushed one of your buttons. You probably want to consciously respond to conditions you are running into, right? Because only then, you can consciously make different choices that will lead to different results. And that’s the way to grow.

Another reason for being reactive can be that you have an entity attached in your auric field, that is continuously pulsing negative thoughts into your mind. These thoughts are called ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts. If these ANTS are not cleared, these negative thoughts will continue and then you are very susceptible to people “pushing your buttons”.

So, these buttons should be completely “de-installed” from your Auric Field. Because only “no buttons installed” means “no buttons to be pushed.”

#2: You have low energy levels, especially in the afternoon.

If you feel low energy, if you are tired most of time, or if you feel that everything is too much of an effort, this is normally because of an open portal in your Auric Field. If you have these symptoms, you probably only want to manage your day, not feeling able to take on any new initiative or to start any new things. Because you lack the energy to do so.

Due the open portals in your Auric Field, you are losing energy. Every time, life force energy comes into your Auric Field, you lose the energy right away due to these open portals. If you were labeled with “chronic fatigue syndrome” by doctors who are not aware of this, you definitely want to have your Auric Field cleared and your portals closed.

Additionally, if you have open portals, you will also pick up other peoples’ negative energies through these open portals. That means that you not only lose energy, you also pick up other people’s negative energies. And this will affect your entire energy level in all areas of your life, and therefore your health and wellbeing as well. So, these open portals must be closed.

#3: You are constantly worried about a ton of things, and you experience a lot of “mind chatter” or you even freak out at times.

This is usually caused by a negative mental program, a thought form that you’ve given a lot of emotional energy to over the years. By running into similar situations and emotions over and over again, the negative thought, and therefore the auric attachment, becomes bigger and bigger. And that means that the negative impact on your life, your wellbeing, and your health gets bigger and bigger as well.

Another reason for being constantly worried could also be an entity in your Auric Field. If you often hear yourself saying something you didn’t want to say, or if you ask yourself how you ever got into a specific situation, or why you ever made that choice, such an attached entity could be the root cause.

And, if you freak out at times and ask yourself afterward how that could have ever happened, such an earth-bound entity is very likely the root cause of it. In such a “freak out” situation, the entity has taken over. Now, you can see how crucial it is to clear those earth-bound entities from your Auric Field. Also, it’s much better for them, as they can now continue their soul journey as well.

#4: You experience apathy, mood swings, low energy, and irritation with life in general

How well you get things done and how well you manifest your goals is controlled by your kundalini energy at the base of your spine and your second chakra. If you feel that everything is too hard, and you probably don’t even get started, then the second chakra is usually blocked due to an auric attachment there.

So, whatever you desire to manifest in your life won’t manifest as you have no drive and energy to take the next required actions. Also, you may feel disinterested in life in general with an attitude of “I just don’t care”. This is not the way to live your soul’s purpose. Achieving your goals, living your visions requires your second chakra to be fully open and unblocked.

Do you want to live the life you desire? Do you want to leverage your true potential? Do you check these four symptoms to see if you have auric attachments?
If so, and you got a yes for at least one of them, go ahead and get your Auric Field cleared.

Stay tuned, there is one other symptom, I will cover in my next blog post!

Image source: by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

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