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Soul Realignment uncovers your soul’s potential and wisdom and clears negative karmic imprints held at soul level.

A Soul Realignment service is exceptionally insightful and transformational for your life. Based on your permission, I’m accessing your Akashic Record. Imagine the Akashic Records as a giant database, an energetic data highway that contains all choices all souls have ever made in all lifetimes. Within this vast energetic database, your soul has precisely one data record. This is your soul’s akashic record that consists of all choices your soul has ever made since created by Source. That’s the data record I’m going to access and read from when you would ask me to process a Soul Realignment.

Unlocking you soul’s potential: your soul group of origination and your soul energies you are most abundant in

There are two main pillars that define who you are at soul level.

Your soul group of origination

Where your soul comes from, is the first big pillar of your soul’s blueprint. We call it the soul group of origination. This describes the planet or star system where your soul went for the first time right after being created by Source. Often, it’s not the Earth. People who are interested in this work often have souls that often come a long way. Your soul group of origination says a lot about who you are at soul level. It describes preferences, habits, attitudes that are closely connected with the planet or star system you come from.

Your soul could come from another planet within our solar system, such as Earth, Maldec or Mars. If souls come from Sirius, Mintaka, Polaris or the Pleiades, they are star traveler souls because they come from elsewhere in the galaxy. Your soul could also come from another universe, such as the Andromeda galaxy. Additionally, there is a very special soul group, the blueprinter souls that have designed and engineered the soul world. They are travelers, too, and incarnate whenever and wherever their gifts and talents are most needed.

Knowing your soul group of origination already explains a lot about yourself. For example, I had a few clients who came from Maldec. Now, Maldec is a planet that exploded and is now the asteroid belt. The Maldec civilization was technically and mentally very advanced until they became so advanced that they blew up their own planet. Maldec souls are overly careful and deliberate when it comes to making decisions. They tend to overthink their choices because they are in fear of creating devastating consequences. Now, when this tendency comes up for people who are otherwise successful and stand with both feet on the ground, they often have a hard time understanding themselves. Then, if they know about this soul detail, they immediately appreciate themselves on another level.

Learn more about soul groups of origination here. A Soul Realignment uncovers your soul group of origination.

Your main soul energies

The second big pillar is about your soul energies. Every soul has access to eight different soul energies. What makes the difference is to know which soul energies you are most abundant in. Imagine the soul energies as a pie with eight pieces. Each piece represents one soul energy. Those are divine compassion, divine creation, divine order, divine love, divine self-expression, divine truth, divine power, and divine wisdom. 

Now, for every single one of you, the pieces of your soul energy pie have different sizes. There is one soul energy that dominates the pie. This soul energy represents the most significant piece of the cake by far, often up to 40% or 50% of the energetic spectrum. That’ your primary soul energy, the soul energy you are most abundant in. This is a crucial insight for yourself, especially when it comes to an understanding of how you best manifest your desired outcomes. 

Often, there is another soul energy that’s more dominant than the remaining six soul energies. It’s your secondary soul energy that can take up to 15% or 20% of the energetic spectrum. If you look at these two soul energies, you can see that these are the ones your soul is most abundant in.

All six remaining soul energies cover the remaining 20% to 30% of the pie. As you can imagine, these are rather small pieces, each energy on average about 5%.

Very important for you: There are no “good” or “bad” soul energies. Every soul energy is as beautiful as it is. And every soul profile is perfect as it is. It’s up to you, what you are going to make out of your soul energies, how you will leverage your primary and – if existing – your secondary soul energy you are most abundant in. 

Learn more about soul energies here. A Soul Realignment uncovers your main soul energies, and you will get accurate percentages of all eight soul energies. In other words, you get the full spectrum of your “energetic soul pie.”

Connecting the dots: soul group or origination and soul energies define who you are at soul level

While some of the soul energies speak for themselves, the soul groups of origination don’t. And how they play together, that’s precisely the specific and the unique value you will experience with a Soul Realignment.

Let me give you an example.

Soul Group of origination: Pleiadian, primary soul energy is divine power, and secondary soul energy is divine self-expression.

Souls from the Pleiades are big picture souls, visionaries, and “let’s just do it” souls. They are gifted in creating visions and leading people towards a big idea or purpose. They are usually great a communication, and unlike many others, they love change, and they often jump into change very fast. Pleiadians have one challenge to overcome, and that’s their hard time with details and implementation. And they don’t like steps in between. Ideally, they would like to jump to their vision right away in one step. So, they should always make sure that they are surrounded by people who care about technical details, who are good at mapping out a detailed implementation plan and who can implement the vision.

An example of a Pleiadian soul group would be Richard Branson. Great visionary entrepreneur who is always surrounded by people who are able to execute his vision in detail successfully. Often, Pleiadians don’t get even started, as they underestimate the need to map out all the necessary steps to reach their goal. Then, they are frustrated and stop doing it. You can see how critical it is to know these details and to consider these when working on your goals and visions.

The most important thing for divine power souls is freedom, the freedom of choice. They have a hard time to remain in jobs where they should follow instructions. Divine power souls are gifted entrepreneurs, creating their own destiny. They are usually very successful if they honor their soul energy and don’t allow anybody to force them into something else. They can also excel in a leadership position with enough freedom, but they won’t be happy in a wage slave job. Money is essential to them, not just for the sake of having it; it’s more for the freedom to make choices.

Divine self-expression is the soul energy of communication, of the written and spoken word. They love words and languages. They are often writers, speakers, also teachers in various areas and even spiritual teachers. These souls should be careful not to hide their talent in the life-long student’s realm. Their perspectives are strong, and they should be heard. Their gifts unfold when they are in the moment of writing, speaking, and communicating. They often talk a lot, and they also need to “talk things through.” Giving them an audience is often the best way to help them to process things.

In this example, you can see how the soul group of origination supports and reinforces the divine power soul energy. On the other hand side, you can see the need for people that help these souls to implement the vision and goals, which is crucial for their success.

Imagine, the soul group or origination would be Maldec, with the tendency to be over-thinking when it comes to decision making always driven by the fear to create devastating outcomes. It creates a whole new situation, correct? And a completely different manifesting approach is required.In a Soul Realignment service, I connect the dots with you, and we look at your unique soul profile in your context, and your current life situations and your intention so that you can get the most out of it.

There are more beautiful things to discover about your soul blueprint, such as life themes, and your specific skills and talent that enrich your soul profile and also the question if your operating mode is linear, systemic or organic.

Karmic blockages at soul level

A Soul Realignment also provides you with the insights of the blockages your soul shows at this point. These soul level blockages usually tell a story over a few lifetimes that’s now ready to be completed and to be cleared. Every Soul Realignment service includes the identification of the blockages and a clearing process.

Examples of blocks and restrictions can be: bindings, spells, pacts, contracts, curses, vows, negative thoughtforms that might be directed at your or created about you, and negative and unjustified karma, negative entity attachments, or negative spirit guides. Some of these blocks and restrictions are running a negative program. That means your energy is basically running in reverse. Those programs manifest in one of your chakras, on your emotional or mental body. Imagine there is a program of, for instance, doubt, shame, trauma, or guilt running through you. It might be a great eye-opener for you as to why you are regularly running in similar situations over and over again and why you are often reacting with similar patterns in certain situations. You don’t know why and where this reaction comes from. “I heard myself saying…”, or “I observed myself doing this or that…” are typical symptoms of blocks and restrictions on a soul level, which means they exist on an energetic level.

Other blocks and restrictions just come with an energetic statement that impacts your current experience. Imagine the energy of disempowerment or doubt affects you. Then, as an example, ask yourself how the energy of disempowerment is currently showing up in your life. It can impact all areas of your life, such as, for instance, your relationships, your friends and family environment, your work, your fitness, and wellbeing, or your personal development.

Clearing these blockages and realigning your soul back to its original blueprint.

That might sound scary for some of you. It is not. It’s the most natural thing to do; it’s like cleaning up your soul’s basement. Realigning means to clear the current blocks and restrictions in the highest good of all, and updating your soul blueprint energetically. And the latter is the most important element in my opinion. It means that blocks and restrictions are always neutralized and transmuted with divine love, light, and truth before they are released back to Source.

That’s why realigning your soul to its divine blueprint is simply divine beauty. In action. It also means to update your soul record with the highest path and purpose available, which leads to elevating your level of consciousness.

Soul Realignment re-establishes your soul’s integrity, unlocks your soul’s potential, wisdom, and insights. And it’s cleaning up your soul’s basement from all blockages that no longer serve you.

Soul Realignment provides you with highly valuable information about your soul AND identifies and clears your current blocks and restrictions, AND it realigns your soul back to its original soul blueprint.

The question is, how are blocks and restrictions created? You create them. I create them. We create them. We create blocks and restrictions by the choices we make. Period. Nothing magic, mystic, or anything beyond our control. No such thing as “my spirit guide did that to me…” No. Never (spirit guides never tell you something, they only guide you).  We create our individual experience through the choices we make. It’s as simple as that.

These are the reasons why I always take time in my sessions to point out the impact of free will, of our intentions, and of the choices we make. Making choices against our soul’s nature creates a block or restriction. Making choices against the Universal Law of love, connectedness, collaboration and the law of cause and effect (karma) creates blocks and restrictions.

After a Soul Realignment, your consciousness increases a lot.

You will understand yourself on a higher level, and on a deeper level. Due to the clearing of blockages, your energy increases, and your access to your intuition increases as well.

You will become more conscious regarding the choices you make. And that will help you to make FEWER choices against your soul’s nature, against universal law and MORE choices that are in line with your soul’s highest path and purpose. However, your experience depends on your intentions and your choices. It’s also YOUR choice how you are going to apply the incredible value of a Soul Realignment process.


Soul Realignment is a modality owned by Andrrea Hess. I’m a student of her work and a certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner.

Photo by Amber Flowers on Unsplash