"Words cannot describe my gratitude" | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

“Words cannot describe my gratitude” – When Jennifer contacted me, she was desperate. She wanted it so badly–overcoming her bulimia. After an initial diagnosis of her energy field and symptoms, I suggested working from the outside to the inside, layer by layer. We started with removing entities, followed by an auric clearing, and the obvious karma clearing (eating disorders were running through her ancestral lines), and the brand-new metabolic repatterning session that brought her hormones back into balance and harmony. I’m so happy for Jennifer!

Simply put, without long back and forth. I have bulimia, and I think I always will. However, thanks to the wonderful work done by and with Tamara, I am confident that I no longer have to act out the bulimia. When I started working with Tamara, I binge ate every day, sometimes even several times a day, and then every time, I threw it all out again!
I have received several clearings (Aura, entities, karma, and hormones), and each one is wonderful and valuable in its own way. I can’t say which one was better than the other; that’s not the point. Every single session was essential on my way out of this spiral. Now, I eat with a good feeling and enjoy it, and even if I eat something ‘unhealthy’ here and there, I have no guilt anymore. I haven’t had that as long as I can remember.
Words cannot describe my gratitude. I’m looking forward to what else will unfold for me; on the way back to myself.
From the bottom of my heart ❤️

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