“The guilt and fear are gone” | Samantha

Guilt and fear are gone | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

“The guilt and fear are gone”–A situation nobody wants to experience, and certainly not if you’re a cat person yourself: you run over a cat, although you were careful and didn’t speed through the neighborhood. This creates a massive accident trauma that usually comes with guilt. I am very grateful that I could help Samantha with a particular trauma clearing to clear the big “trauma trigger buttons” that were sitting at the cell and DNA level, created at the moment of the accident. Thank you, dear Samantha, for your trust!

“Two weeks ago, I drove home from a friend around 9 p.m. through a small town, and I was not speeding through the neighborhood. Suddenly, in a split second, I saw something touching my car’s side, and it happened. I ran over an animal with the front and rear tires. You read it often and wish that something like this never happens to you. The cat diet immediately.

When I drove home after about an hour, I started feeling guilty. And paralyzed; an accident trauma. Why guilt? I had no chance of preventing the accident and the cat’s death. She just ran into my car. I was able to sleep reasonably well that night.
But the following day, the guilt was back, and I had a very depressing feeling. The shock had caught up with me again and was still deep inside me.

I phoned Tamara, and she suggested a trauma clearing, which I booked immediately. In the afternoon, I darkened the bedroom, relaxed in bed, and let the trauma-clearing work do its job. I immediately felt the tension release, and my senses found this trauma clearing to be very pleasurable. You can already feel a sense of relaxation during the clearing. At the end of the clearing, the oppressive feeling, the guilt, and the fear were gone. I felt liberated and confirmed that there are situations in life that cannot be avoided. The trauma clearing helped me a lot to accept this, to understand it, and to be able to think about the cat I ran over in peace.

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