I'm very excited | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

I am pleased about Silvia’s incredible transformation over the last few months! So much has been released at the cellular level, and so much more is now ready to unfold! Because the journey continues! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic feedback, I am thrilled that I can continue to accompany you, now in the AWAKEN THE HEALER Level 1

Fascination, positive changes, the desire for more, and the beginning of an exciting journey for myself.

Where should I start? I became aware of Tamara and her extraordinary clearings in May. I immediately thought this was precisely the right thing for me to finally process and say goodbye to some of the negative experiences from the past. Intuitively, I felt that I wanted to clear a lot of stuff and that this path would be effective. A personal meeting with Tamara confirmed my opinion. She is very intuitive, authentic, and incredibly competent.

So it started with a very intensive aura clearing. I noticed reactions in many parts of the body during the session. I couldn’t interpret them correctly at first, but I was highly motivated for further clearings, many of which followed. The karma clearing was also very intense, with strong physical reactions, as was the metabolic repatterning, the effectiveness of which I immediately noticed for several weeks through apparent physical symptoms.

Numerous other clearings followed, such as throat chakra, soul clearing, soul mission activation, and a particular shadow persona clearing. And a few more small clearings. I feel the positive changes, I have become calmer. I am the type of woman who always has plans B-F in the back of my mind if plan A doesn’t work, which is very stressful for me and my family. I think about things 100 times. Things have gotten a lot better since the clearings.

Even the annoying office work of uploading photos and documents has become much easier for me since the clearings; I only need about a quarter of the time I needed before due to my obsession with control.

On the one hand, I react more calmly in situations that used to stress me out, but I also now show boundaries more quickly and clearly. My family also noticed the changes, a lot of blockages have been resolved for me, and interpersonal interactions, in particular, are becoming less complicated – simply because I no longer think in such complicated ways.

I am very enthusiastic about my personal development, but I still realize there is room for improvement. That’s why I’m starting the fascinating journey “Awaken the Healer” in October. I will then learn the methodology myself to carry out various clearings – without any previous knowledge of energetic areas. So far, I have done something completely different and completed two commercial training courses decades ago. A courageous and exciting journey begins, and I am full of anticipation. Thank you very much, Tamara, for your precious work.

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