Empowering and life-changing | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

“Truly Empowering And Life-Changing” – Initiating such a fabulous transformation, that’s why I love my work and why I’m doing what I’m doing!

After my clearing sessions with Tamara including the relationship reading and clearing, advanced recursive auric clearing, and advanced recursive karma clearing – I have since felt this sense of solidity and internal strength that I haven’t had before. I feel so clear and connected to my true self, my Soul, and I have this inner peace that I have not felt in a long time. I’m experiencing joy and I am staying in the present moment – my feelings of anxiety and sadness have reduced significantly and my fears have dissipated. One thing I’ve also noticed is how my perception and belief in myself have changed positively. I can look at myself in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am inside and out and actually BELIEVE it to the very core of my being. My confidence and belief in myself have changed dramatically since I had my sessions with Tamara. I have never felt this before and this is truly empowering and life-changing for me.

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Advanced Recursive Auria Clearing,  Relationship Reading