“Much more positive and lighter” | Marlis

Much more positive and lighter | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

I have the pleasure of accompanying Marlis for quite a while. Recently, she attended my brand-new Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing, and she is also a Certified Advanced Auric Clearing Practitioner and is currently in my Ultimate Trauma Clearing Certification Program. And the recursive clearing “upgraded” her whole being, and many other things in her life started to flow, for herself and her business! I am so happy for her–and grateful for her amazing experience.

“Since the Advanced Recursive Auric Clearing, I feel much more positive, better, and lighter.
Now, whenever I have a difficult day or a stressful, annoying situation in the barn with the other horse owners, I immediately tune into it. I look at all available solutions, “analyze” them, quickly come up with the best solution, and implement it immediately. And then it’s good—no more days of being stuck in anger, negativity, and “mindfuck.” I go ahead positively.
And I told myself, regarding my Ultimate Trauma Clearing Practitioner Certification training, that my required practice clients for the certification will come in divine right timing. And so it is!
Also, I immediately started building my heart’s business. No more excuses that it doesn’t work alongside my job and I don’t have the time. I told myself it would all come together perfectly. And now, I don’t think anymore, “what if…” or “how is that supposed to work,” etc. And the right things always come in divine right timing! And so, I already attracted more auric clearing clients for my practice”

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