Best decision ever | Tamara Schenk | Energy Field Mastery

“Best decision I ever made”–Sara was determined to get rid of everything that was holding her back. However, she was not sure what to expect when she signed up for my 5-week Clear The Slate program.

This was just I have no words. I’m speechless. As soon as I closed down the end of module 2 and grabbed my phone things had already happened.  I’ve never in my life seen anything work faster. I’m 100000% confident this was the best decision I ever made and I wish I did it sooner. I’ll stick to every Sunday night. And I can’t wait for the full process to activate and show me my new life.

My 5-week Clear The Slate Recursive Energy Clearing Sequence was only offered to my email list, consisting of all recursive energy clearing services (entities, aura, karma, soul, DNA activation), and as a bonus, the recursive implant clearing. If you are interested in it, send me a message here.