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I have done a couple of relationship readings and clearings recently. And I noticed that the questions I was asked were all around the area of karmic relationships. And the fundamental question that always came up was: “If he/she is my karmic relationship, are we meant to be together?” Also, I heard a lot about “he/she is my soulmate, we are meant to be together.”

There is a lot of misinformation out there around karmic relationships and soul mates. Let me unpack this a bit for you.

Most relationships on the planet are karmic. That simply means that you met the other soul already for a couple of lifetimes. Maybe your dance is currently in the 3rd or in the 10th incarnation or even longer. Maybe you had different kinds of relationships previously, perhaps you were always lovers or always in a marriage, etc. The term “karmic relationship” means that both your souls wanted to experience more themes together. This is why you attracted each other again in this lifetime.

So far, there is nothing good or bad about it. Your souls are experiencing each other around different life themes that play out in your relationship. Karmic relationships only get complicated because of four myths. One is the belief that if the relationship is karmic that you are no longer a choice. Two is the involvement of a soul contract (and that brings it to the soulmate myth). Three is shared negative karma between both of you, and number four is the false beliefs that our societies hold up through movies and stories that all follow the same storyline. Let’s unpack and demystify these four myths on karmic relationships, one by one.

Myth #1: If my relationship is karmic, we are meant to be together

Most essential for you and please inhale this every time you need to hear it: you are at choice. You are always at choice. You can always say yes or no. You can always decide whether or not you want to remain in a relationship or not. There is no universal orchestration of some manner that would force you to be in a particular relationship because it is karmic or because he/she is the “one.”

Yes, I know, it’s often not easy at all to get out of a karmic relationship and to energetically complete it. However, that’s not because the relationship is karmic as such. It’s difficult because you either share a soulmate contract, or you share negative karma or both. Let’s talk about the soulmate myth first.

Myth #2: He/She is my soulmate; I have to stay in that relationship

The myth around soulmates is that this is the one and only soul you should ever be together with. And if you meet your soulmate, he/she will make you happy forever. Also, your soulmate is waiting for you; you just have to find it. And if you find your soulmate, everything will be excellent because it is meant to be.

Nothing is further from the truth. Let me explain what the term soulmate really means.

When these souls met for the first time, usually several incarnations ago, they may have closed a soul contract, mutually or one-sided. Initially, soul contracts had a positive intention, such as an expression of love and commitment. However, soul contracts are, in fact, not such a positive thing. Because soul contracts mean that one or both partners provide too much of their vital life force energy for their partner. That’s positively stated. In other words, both partners actually live from the other partner’s vital life force energy. And that means that they draw life force energy from each other. And what is that really? Both partners act as energy vampires. And that’s not positive, nor is it necessary, appropriate, or adequate for being in a relationship.

When I do relationship readings, I identify one or more soul contracts in almost all cases. These soul contracts have to be cleared. Right away. One and forever. And no, that does not mean that your relationship ends. This is always your choice. After such a clearing, you will feel that the energy of, for instance, dependency, lack of choice, heaviness, or disempowerment will go away. And that creates energetically a different situation that can be addressed differently. Again, you are at choice.

Myth #3: We share karma; we are meant to be together

That’s the other reason why karmic relationships become complicated, heavy and why you might feel that you are no longer a choice.

What is karma, also called the law of cause and effect? You could also say that it’s the ongoing consequences of your choices over many lifetimes.

You make choices every day, small ones and big ones. Choices that are in line with Divine Right Order and those that are directly against Divine Right Order.

What is Divine Right Order? That are the universal principles that define how our universe is set up and organized. The most important principle or law is the Law of Unconditional Love. Another is the law of cooperation (not competitiveness) and the Law of Oneness, of Connectedness.

As you know from following my work, everything is energy and everything is connected with everything else at the quantum level. Separation is an illusion that’s only upheld by those who are interested in power and control. Also essential is your divine soul blueprint. You can also make choices that are in line with your divine soul blueprint. Or you can make choices directly against it. That’s because you have free will. You can actually make choices. And choices create consequences. And that is karma.

Positive karma is not what’s heavy for your relationships; that’s beautiful. It’s shared negative karma, the consequences of your past choices against Divine Right Order.

Examples could be past accidents you caused, misuse of power in all life areas, heavy betrayal in the past, situations in which you both tried to control the other one and created circumstances of dependency and disempowerment, shame or guilt. All of this can be caused many lifetimes ago or in this one. It doesn’t matter. It has to be cleared. That matters.

Whenever I do a relationship reading, I almost always find shared negative karma with interesting stories about how it was created that –after the clearing–empower the partners to move on. In whatever direction you decide to go.

Myth #4: Societies are nurturing the soulmate myth, the “one and only” myth

When was the last time you watched a romantic movie? What was the storyline? It’s almost always the same. There is a person, usually, a woman, going through some stuff, just to magically find her one and only, her powerful hero and soulmate who will, from now on, make her happy. Also, all old fairy tales go the same way.

It’s a myth. Because you attract partners based on your energy frequency. So, by definition, there are a few more options… And not all of them you might be able to attract are currently incarnated.

It’s a myth. Because in a free-will universe, your happiness is your choice. You are responsible for your happiness. It’s never your partner’s responsibility. That’s where many misunderstandings begin. As soon as I make another person responsible for my happiness, I have to make sure that they behave in a way that makes me happy. And guess what, you just created a foundation for hooks and cords used to “influence” the other person’s behavior. You guess it, it’s actually a form of manipulation. A topic for another day.

This is where taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself is a positive thing. The happier you are for yourself, the better is your relationship. The more independent and empowered it is.

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