Spirit Guides | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

Spirit guides are souls that are currently not incarnated, that have chosen the role of a spirit guide to support you as an embodied soul in your spiritual development so that you can fulfill your soul’s highest path and purpose.

Spirit guides, as their name suggests, guide you, but they never tell you what to do! And that is very important to understand. It means that you are always responsible for the choices you make in your life. There is no spirit guide we can blame for our experiences… Instead, they guide us based on our intentions and the choices we make. Understanding how they guide us can be extremely helpful for living our soul’s highest path and purpose.

Usually, you have between four and six spirit guides in your inner circle, depending on your age and your specific life circumstances. These “inner circle spirit guides” only work for you. They have no other “clients.” Your higher self “hires” your spirit guides for you based on your intentions and with the best intentions for your human experience. Your inner circle spirit guide team is highly effective. The team can also call upon additional guides as needed.

Curious? Do you want to know more about your spirit guide team?

spirit guide profile reading identifies each spirit guide’s soul profile with soul group of origination and primary and secondary soul energies, specific messages for you, and more. It’s a fantastic resource that is incredibly insightful, especially if you can connect the dots to your soul profile.