“My life improved significantly” | Harry

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My life improved significantly | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

Grateful and happy to receive such beautiful feedback regarding my trauma-clearing work from Harry. Some traumas sit deep and are not remembered. And that’s not even necessary, as the trauma clearing modality I use, always clears the highest priority trauma trigger buttons at the quantum level. Thanks so much for your trust, Harry!

I provided a service for Tamara Schenk and could get to know her over a couple of months as a compassionate and empathic woman. At this time, we didn’t talk about her trauma clearing work at her company Energy Field Mastery. And I couldn’t even imagine what this was all about. Then, I shared some of my challenges, and Tamara quickly diagnosed past traumas. She suggested leveraging her expertise, working energetically on my challenges, and clearing the root causes. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I trusted her, as she trusted me. Over several weeks, via online video meetings, Tamara analyzed my challenges with me and cleared layer after layer of blockages. The sessions, especially the clearing part, were kind of meditative, and I felt very comfortable. I felt lighter each week, and my energy increased. With her specific energetic clearing methods (always be open to new experiences), Tamara effectively confronted and cleared the source of my challenges. My life improved significantly due to the program with Tamara. Therefore, it’s also essential to permanently work on your mindset. Tamara also gave me tips and tools to better master my mind. It was a new experience for me, an experience I don’t want to miss at all, and that I highly recommend to others.

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