Ultimate Trauma Clearing

Trauma Clearing–Closing the chapters of past painful experiences

Trauma clearing–the journey begins with diagnosing trauma symptoms.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Have you ever been abused physically, as a child,
    or during your adult life?
  • Did you ever experience sexual abuse?
  • Did your parents whip you as a child?
  • Did your birth have complications?
  • Did your mother have a hard time during pregnancy?
  • Did you ever experience an accident, a severe shock?
  • Did you ever experience a painful break-up or divorce?
  • Did the pandemic hit you hard, emotionally, mentally, or physically?
  • And the list goes on and on…

If you answered YES to only one of these questions, you have trauma to be cleared

You may have learned how to cope with your trauma. However, as long as your trauma has not been cleared energetically at the quantum level, the energetic “trauma button” still sits inside of your body/mind/spirit system, waiting to be re-activated, even many years or decades later.

The underlying fear of your traumas sits deep in the amygdala, an area of your limbic brain. Whenever you are presented with images, sounds, or thoughts related to a traumatic experience, your amygdala reacts heavily with an alarm.

These “trauma buttons” in the fear center, the amygdala, are pushed and that triggers a series of physical events: stress hormones increase, nerve impulses increase, blood pressure increases, heart rate, and oxygen intake also increase to prepare your body to flee or fight.

If your “trauma buttons” get reactivated like this, they immediately run the trauma program from last time – and you will have an extreme reaction based on fear.

Fear wants to keep you safe.

Fear keeps you procrastinating, as procrastinating is the fear of taking action.

Fear wants to keep you where you currently are.

With hidden traumas and fear-based trauma responses, you cannot follow your vision, mission, and dreams. The hidden “trauma buttons” serve as a massive saboteur in all areas of your life.

This is why coping with past trauma negatively impacts your life every single day.

If you continue to cope with your traumas, you will never empower yourself and follow your soul’s mission.

Trauma has to be cleared energetically at the quantum level to create a lasting impact.

Trauma Clearing is NOT “therapy” – because
you cannot “talk” trauma away

  • Talking about trauma alone will not change your life–except that you relive your traumas and might create flashbacks. Talking about trauma is a way of coping with your trauma only.
  • That’s treating symptoms while the root causes remain in place–your energetic trauma buttons that sit deep at the cellular and DNA levels, patiently waiting to be re-activated.
  • Coping with trauma means you remain in fear and avoid potential situations similar to your traumas. Your fear keeps you in procrastination and avoidance mode, as your fear always keeps you where you are right now.
  • Coping with trauma is like working with a computer with a virus. The software of the virus slows your computer down, you cannot even use many of the functions, and it may begin to destroy files and even the hardware. The virus can easily wipe you out.
  • What are you doing if you have a virus on your computer?
  • Right, you buy the best anti-virus software you can get as fast as you can to protect your computer and your files, to clear the virus from your computer. That’s tackling the root cause, not treating the symptom.
  • As viruses make your computer sick and dysfunctional, your past traumas can make you ill and dysfunctional. That’s why clearing your traumas out of your body/mind/spirit system is the prerequisite for becoming a master of your choices.

Trauma clearing–The transformation you receive in eight weeks – PLUS super valuable bonuses

  • Clear your past traumas completely at the quantum level (past life trauma, prenatal and birth trauma, childhood trauma, adulthood trauma, special traumas such as e.g., accidents, money, shocks, relationships, divorces, abuse, mobbing)
  • Increase your energy frequency significantly to be able to attract different people and different situations
  • Download new programs from your Higher Self
  • Allow you to live from an open heart without fear
  • Make you feel much lighter and clears the source of physical problems
  • Annihilate procrastination as this is the fear of taking action because of past trauma
  • Clear past issues with money, lack, and limitation
  • Allow your soul to close all chapters on all painful, past experiences
  • Allow you to focus on what you desire to create

Check out my clients’ experiences. Further insights on the impact of prenatal, birth and childhood trauma and why you cannot “talk” a trauma away.

Check out my latest video “Why you cannot talk trauma away and what to do instead”

How much longer do you want to keep your past trauma?

Are you ready to CLEAR your past trauma?

If this is a YES, send me a message via the contact form, and we will take it from there! I am glad to assist you in clearing your unresolved trauma without years of tedious therapy!


Disclaimer: This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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