Transformation of true self | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

Very grateful and happy to receive such beautiful feedback from an amazing fellow healer in the space.
Thank you so much, Flor, it has been an honor!

It has been a divinely time session. Tamara’s work deeply touches me. My Soul connection returns to its blissful state a few days after the session. I could feel that the blocks were gone and I was returning to the vibration that allows the full creative expression of my Soul, both as a healer and as a communicator, writer, singer, teacher. I feel blessed to know Tamara and immensely grateful for her deep work that leads to transformation and liberation of our true self. Million thanks for this amazing session.

Source: ProvenExpert

And after the second session:

“Amazing session, what an amazing session.
I had a very beautiful energy all day, regardless of my situation
I only have two years left or so.
I am fully present,
It’s working, I can feel it, very, very beautifully
I feel absolutely divine
Congratulations for your work.
Million thanks!”

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