“Massive transformation” | Martina

Massive transformation | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

I’m very grateful to receive such beautiful feedback from Martina, regarding my Absolute Heart Chakra Clearing and Balancing.

“Wow, the heart chakra clearing touched me deeply, and lots of transformation is in process. I have prepared myself for this session during the week without knowing what to expect. Thanks to the universe for your guidance and alignment. I trust Tamara’s great intuition. I feel deep gratitude and joy for this deep connection with her. As always, it’s not only about me; also Emidon will take great advantage of these protocols and codes.
Guilt and shame. Memory fragments came up that referred to specific situations. Some of them I didn’t even remember; some were more present. They came up, and I could let them go.

The day after: There was a different feeling when I got up. Old fears and worries that were a part of me are now gone, but there is a new, still empty space in me. I’m looking forward to filling this space with light and joy. I feel a massive transformation; I realize that what Tamara initiated yesterday is not yet completed. Instead, the clearing process is working in me, and that’s a fantastic feeling to know that things will evolve. I am very grateful; thanks so much, dear Tamara.”

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