Today, I want to share one of the stories regarding my own, recent soul realignment process. One of the blocks and restrictions that came up was an earthbound spirit. It was my older brother who was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago. Earthbound spirits are souls that didn’t cross over appropriately because of, for instance, a traumatic, painful, or fearful death. Being killed in a car accident qualifies for a traumatic death…

Earthbound spirits are “in between,” and that’s why they need energy. Usually, they draw energy from people they had a close relationship with, such as family members. The soul realignment process requested guides from the Third Order, a group that is responsible for escorting souls through the astral planes to help my brother to move on.

One of the rare gifts I ever got from my brother was a tree, a blackcurrant tree. The tree was on my balcony. For years. Until yesterday. The tree was, unfortunately, never in a perfect shape, although I watered and nourished it the same way as all my other plants. And my cat accepts the plants’ right to live! As I am pretty talented with my plants (yes, I do speak with them!), the black current tree’s strange condition was always a little weird for me.

A few weeks ago, when I processed my recent soul realignment work for myself, the tree started to suffer. This week, looking at the poor tree that was almost dead, all of a sudden, my intuition kicked in! That’s what it was. The tree was the living symbol of the earthbound spirit connection I had with my brother. The tree was the channel for the life force energy my brother as an earthbound spirit received from me. Now, during the realignment work, a third order committee escorted him out of his last incarnation through the astral planes so that he could move on, in line with his soul’s highest path and purpose. As soon as this process was completed, our earthbound spirit connection was resolved. In the highest good of all. And the tree’s purpose was fulfilled.

Then, I figured out that the plant that was growing at the bottom of the tree was a young black current tree. A vital, healthy tree, about 20 cm in height already. This little tree will be able to live with full access to its own vital life force energy. So, I repotted the little one into another pot, and I will continue to take care of him. It represents my brother’s soul on its way to another incarnation…

The image at the top shows the young tree just repotted.
The image on the left shows the tree a few weeks later, healthy and growing.