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When you experience something negative, a traumatic event such as a relationship break-up, a divorce or abandonment, or any situation of chronic abuse, or an accident, or if a loved one transitioned to the other side, where do you feel it? Most probably in your heart. Your heart hurts, and you might feel very heavy.

You desire to protect yourself, and your subconscious starts to build a wall around your heart. And that’s your heart-wall.

What is a heart-wall?

A heart-wall is more than a chakra attachment, a so-called occupant. It also includes karmic issues. Such a wall around your heart is a complex safety measure construct, implemented by your subconscious to protect you.

Once the heart-wall is implemented around your heart, it keeps toxic, intruding negativity out and allows you to survive. So, it does serve a purpose. But only temporarily.

And that’s the big challenge with your heart-wall because nobody told you how to remove it wall after its initial purpose is fulfilled.

And what is it made of?

Imagine you experienced a betrayal or a break-up. At that moment, this mix of emotion (betrayal, disappointment, hurt, abandonment, rage, lack and limitations, fear, etc.) goes to your heart chakra. There, this negative experience creates not only a chakra occupant but also a heart-wall.

Such a wall is built with energies that consist of the experience that caused the heart-wall in the first place.

Basically, you are using your own energy–the energy from that negative experience– to keep yourself safe and help you function through a difficult time.

And why does it hurt?

“But it protects me,” you may say. Sure, it protects you from negativity getting into your heart. But it also “protects” you from sending your love and joy out into the world.

In fact, with a heart-wall around your heart, whatever you do and say, it cannot come from the bottom of your heart. Because while nothing can get into your heart, at the same time, your love and joy cannot get out of your heart. You see… your heart-wall protects you in both ways.

That’s why a heart-wall turns into an emotional prison if not removed after its purpose has been fulfilled. As you can see, your heart-wall “protects” you from living a vibrant, energetic life full of love and joy.

A heart-wall becomes an emotional prison.

While such a wall serves a purpose in the short-term to protect you, it becomes an emotional prison in the long run. And that’s a challenge that’s not getting better if you don’t do something about it.

Conversely, your love, desire, and happiness get trapped behind that heart-wall, so you are unable to send out positive vibes.

Until you release the trapped emotions and energies, causing it, you will go through life somewhat like a zombie.

Having a heart-wall or not is like the difference between surviving and living.

I am sure you’d like to LIVE rather than only survive. If you want to remove your heart-wall, I’d be glad to assist you on your journey. Check out the link here and sign up today.


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Photo by Liquid (Artiste) Arya on Unsplash