What is a heart-wall?

A heart-wall is a safety measure implemented by your subconscious. This is how it works: the heart-wall keeps toxic, intruding negativity out and allows you to survive. Although it serves a purpose, it should only be there temporarily.

A heart-wall is built with “materials” (=energies) that are very real to your subconscious. The energetic materials consist of the experience that caused the heart-wall in the first place.

Imagine you experienced a betrayal or a break-up. At that moment, this emotion goes to the heart chakra and creates a special chakra occupant, a heart-wall. The heart-wall is being used to defend yourself and your emotions. You are using your own energy to keep yourself safe and help you function through a difficult time.

A heart-wall is an emotional prison for you!

While a heart-wall protects you from bad feelings coming in, it also “protects” you from good feelings coming in. That means that your love, desire, and happiness are trapped behind that heart-wall, so you cannot send out positive vibes. A heart-wall doesn’t just hurt you; it can hurt those around you who need your joy and love.

If you want to LIVE rather than just SURVIVE, get your heart-wall removed now!

  • Clearing of all energetic blockages such as, for instance, caused by traumatic events, chronic abuse, relationships break-ups, betrayal, abandonment, parental issues.
  • Remove the heart-wall that is caused by these blockages.
  • Enjoy a CLEAR, fully activated heart-chakra and experience unconditional love, coming in and going out.
  • The Heart-Wall Removal Program can be applied as a stand-alone service, or added to your Advanced Auric Clearing Program

What’s missing on the planet right now: cleared and activated heart chakras! Get started NOW!

Disclaimer: This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with a licensed medical professional’s treatment.

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