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As we are all over a year in the global pandemic and its implications on our lives, we have – luckily – lots of discussions regarding freedom.

What is freedom, what do your freedom rights mean to you– such as the right of free speech, the right to go where you desire to go, etc. And most importantly, the right to do what you like to do. Simply, the freedom to follow your big WHY, your soul’s purpose.

What does freedom mean to you?

In the context of the pandemic, the current discussions on freedom have most of the time to do with external examples. It’s about the freedom to travel, the freedom to go to a restaurant without being forced to wear a mask, the freedom to live where you desired to live, the freedom to take opportunities that come your way, etc.

Additionally, heavily discussed these days as many violations occur–the right of free speech, the right to articulate your perspective without being censored in any way.

These are all great examples. No doubt. My question to you is: is that what freedom is all about?

Freedom begins inside of you – in your energy field, to be precise.

Yes, freedom begins inside of you. Let me share a couple of examples that actually restrict your individual level of freedom. And most importantly, you might not even be aware of this.

#1: Can others quickly push your “buttons”?

One word, one sentence, one situation, and you feel offended, or an old story comes up, and you immediately re-act in a certain way? And you aren’t able to consciously reflect first and respond to the situation differently?

If that’s the case, you have auric attachments in various of your chakras. Those were created in situations of shock, trauma, accident, or abuse when the time seemed to stop for you. Based on the emotion you felt in that moment, the energetic “button” was created and attached to a certain chakra. Fear, for example, goes to the second chakra.

Next time, when a similar situation occurs, the button automatically starts the known program. You are not at choice in that situation.

#2: Are you often worried, or do you even experience anxiety?

Are you often driven by fear, doubts, and hesitation? How free are you in your choices if that is the case? Fear, worries, and anxiety are auric attachments in your energy field. They limit your freedom tremendously, simply because fear, worries, and anxiety prevent you from taking any action and using your freedom rights.

#3: Do you often freak out? Or are you often angry or have negative emotions?

Are you then asking yourself how that could ever happen? Or do you hear yourself saying something you didn’t want to say? Did you even ruin relationships because of these voiced that have taken over situations?

If you answered with “yes,” you have most definitely entities in your energy field. Entities are souls that have passed away but didn’t make it through the tunnel to the plane of bliss. As they are stuck in the middle, they need “food,” and their preferred food is your energy, your anger, to be precise.

The more of these questions you answered with yes, the more concerned I am about your individual level of freedom.

The examples are all symptoms of auric attachments in your energy field that definitely restrict your personal freedom. With auric attachments, you are, in many situations, not at choice.

Freedom begins inside of you – any inherited karmic imprints standing in your way?

Whatever issues your genetic parents didn’t clear for themselves got passed on at conception and fetal integration to your DNA. This is why so many people become like their parents, although they consciously don’t want this. Also, so-called epigenetics fall into this category.

In general, all issues your parents didn’t clear on themselves go directly in the mother helix and the father helix of your DNA. Until they are cleared at the quantum level and transmuted into no-thing. Only then are you free from these imprints.

That’s why especially inherited karmic imprints should always be cleared as they are usually not in line with your highest path and purpose.

Freedom begins inside of you–what’s the color of your belief sunglasses?

Your beliefs are such a powerful restrictor of personal freedom.  Yes, absolutely. Take a few minutes and write down what you believe about yourself. Yes, about yourself. Then, look at these beliefs. How often did you write limiting and restricting thoughts on your sheet of paper, or beliefs like not being good enough, not doing x,y,z, etc.

Your current beliefs about yourself define the color of your belief sunglasses you are wearing. Make sure you are aware of it and begin to transmute your beliefs about yourself.

A lack of inner freedom gets projected to your outer freedom.

What do you think? How free are you, if you can go where you want to go, but if you are occupied by various energetic blockages, auric attachments, or karmic imprints?

Not really, right? Now you can see that many issues actually restrict your freedom from the inside out.

The good news is that you can work on clearing these energetic blockages right away and improve your inner freedom level quite significantly. And you have the freedom to do so at every given moment.

We always have to “fight” for freedom, inside of us and outside of us.

To come full circle, you also have to fight for your freedom in the outer world. However, the more freedom you have achieved inside yourself, the higher your energy frequency and the easier it is for you to fight for freedom in the outer world.

Text: © Energy Field Mastery, Tamara Schenk