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How are your beliefs? What do you believe in? And, most importantly, what do you believe about yourself?

Let’s have a look at a few common beliefs. While reading them, please check in with yourself about what you feel when you read them.

“I’m not good enough.”

“I cannot do it.”

“Something is wrong with me.”

“I am not creative.”

“I have no imagination.”

“People with money are greedy and less spiritual than those who are poor.”

“I never get what I want.”

“I never win.”

“I always had bad luck.”

“I am lost.”

And the list goes on and on. How did reading these beliefs make you feel? Did one or the other make you react to it in any way? Maybe you felt “yes, exactly” or “oh no, never!” What emotions came up for you, if any?

If any of these beliefs made you re-act in any way, then there is some kind of “button” in your energy field that felt pushed just by reading one of these beliefs. By pressing a button, a specific program gets started. It’s like clicking a button on a computer program or on any app. By clicking the button, a particular program gets started.

Maybe it’s just a payment process for the goods you just purchased. This is a positive program. You process the intended action to achieve the desired outcome.

However, clicking a button could also trigger an underlying piece of malware that may ruin files on your laptop or the whole computer altogether. In this case, you don’t process your intended action, and you definitely cannot achieve your desired outcome—an example of a negative program.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with your limiting beliefs!

Negative and limiting beliefs are worse than any computer virus.

If you have a negative program or a virus on your computer, you can delete it. You are aware of the program and can take action.

It’s more complicated with your beliefs, especially with your limiting beliefs. If you have those limiting beliefs that project a negative reality (=not the one you intend to have), you are often not consciously aware of it and don’t know how to get rid of these beliefs.

That means you might be in a situation where you live a life that doesn’t feel like yours, where you are mainly functioning to deliver on other people’s expectations. And you may feel to be at the crossroads or at a turning point in your life.

That’s why limiting believes are negative beliefs, and they are worse than a virus. Worse than the virus on your computer and worse than the virus, the world is focused on now.

Simply because there are ways to get rid of the computer virus, and there are ways to protect yourself from any influenza, coronavirus, or if you got it, there are classical and alternative ways to heal those.

However, you probably have no idea how to clear your self-limiting negative beliefs about yourself.

What do you believe about yourself?

Now, what exactly do you believe about yourself? Take a few minutes and write that down. Yes, exactly; write down what you believe about yourself. And be honest with yourself. Do this for yourself, not for me or anybody else.

Take your time and write down what you really believe about yourself. Then, look at your beliefs and read them. How do they make you feel?

Your limiting beliefs are like guard railings of your life.

The most challenging thing about the negative, limiting beliefs is that most people are not even aware that they have these beliefs about themselves and the world.

However, the reality is that your beliefs determine your thoughts, and your thoughts determine your words, and your words determine your actions, and your actions determine your outcomes, your reality of life.

The first thing is to become aware that your beliefs work like guard railings or like fences around you.

Only if you are aware of these fences surrounding you and limiting your life experience can you become aware that you are not free.

You can create new beliefs and reprogram yourself –after the limiting beliefs are cleared.

Now, what to do about it? How to get rid of your limiting beliefs?

The first step is to recognize what you really believe about yourself and to become aware of the fences these beliefs are in your life.

The next step is to understand where these beliefs come from. Well, many of them are self-created due to certain experiences in your life. Most beliefs are created when you were conceived and when you were growing up. You either inherited these beliefs like karmic imprints from your parents because they didn’t clear these beliefs from themselves and passed them on to you.

Then, the way of your upbringing often also created a lot of limiting beliefs. If I remember all the limiting beliefs I received and took on from my parents… that will fill a book!

Now, it’s time to clear these beliefs. The first step is to clear all limiting beliefs in your auric field, where they often sit as auric attachments (that’s a roadblock in your chakra system) that works like a button that can be pushed by yourself of others to start a program you don’t want. For more details, watch this video that explains in more detail how these energetic “buttons” are created and how they work.

The second step is to clear the karmic imprints that are the root causes for many limiting beliefs, those that you inherited from your parents and those you already carry with you for a few lifetimes.

Finally, it’s about creating the beliefs that you want to believe about yourself to live the life you want to live. And then, it’s about working with your new beliefs every single day.

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Text: © Energy Field Mastery, Tamara Schenk
Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash