“Massive shifts in energy, thoughts and beliefs” | Sharon W. | UK


It’s been a few months now since my Soul Realignment.. not only did I have massive shifts in energy, thoughts and beliefs and emotions during the 21day program, I now feel I’m still letting go of those old unhelpful patterns..

Every now and again I suddenly remember how I “used” to feel and act at a situation but this old pattern just feels like a shadow or vague memory of something I used to be and do.. it is so freeing to know and feel how changed I am.. and there’s more to come!! Those seemingly ingrained patterns which do not serve me are being let go and it feels amazing. I feel more content, peaceful, allowing and trusting and open to love without fear!!

The recent Auric cleanse was powerful .. more layers coming away, more focus, awareness and truly feeling the “observing self” guiding my everyday..

Phew! What a journey eh?
Ready for the next chapter…

Thank you Tamara. You are truly gifted, thank you for sharing and for all your support xxx

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10. January 2018