“So relaxed and at home” | Fiona O. | UK

Aura clearing is a service that’s also working for animals in a highly effective way. I’m regularly doing energetic work with my cats, and it’s a fantastic success to remove energetic blockages in their energetic field.
My dear friend Fiona is running a huge animal sanctuary in the UK. And every once in a while, she is also getting cats, usually rescued from an abusive situation. Biscuit was rescued out of such a situation, full of fear, not trusting any human at all, always being afraid of another abuse. So, he didn’t move for days. I connected with him, had a chat with and processed an auric clearing session. And that’s what Fiona shared with me the next day:

“…I had to write and tell you though that your chat with Mr Biscuit worked!!!!! For the first time, he came out of his house tonight and looked like a completely different cat. I haven’t actually seen him all before now as he arrived in a carrier and ran straight from it into his house and only came out when we were not there. Tonight, he walked casually out and ate his meal in front of me. I can’t quite believe it. So relaxed and at home – he did not appear to have any stress at all. It’s just incredible! xxxx”

This is why I LOVE my work, it just fills my heart so much 

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5. March 2018