“Stopped The Source And Healed The Wound” | Kit W. | UK

Soul-shiftings are infrequent. A one-time soul shifting situation means that the soul a person was born with, “opts out” and asks another soul to take over the body. One-time soul-shifting situations usually happen in a person’s childhood due to trauma or distress. At times, there is already an agreement between two souls before birth. And sometimes, a soul doesn’t need a lot of time in a body. Then, it chooses to opt out and asks another soul with enough vibrational likeness to take over the body. As soon as a person realises that a soul-shifting had happened, so many things can fall into place and make sense.  VERY happy and grateful for this amazing feedback from Kit, after my soul realignment work with him.

“The soul reading, the realignment, and the homework have stopped the source and healed the wound. I found the 21-day-homework practice quite intense as things seem to shift, and afterwards, I have had to perform various rituals that came to me. I have said goodbye to the entity in the room I was born, which felt very fitting. The anxiety one is a good example of what has been happening.”

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27. February 2018