“Restructured Spirit Guide Team” | Jim D. | USA

I just got off the phone with Jim, who shared his feedback regarding his Soul Realignment ®. During the reading, his soul showed a negative spirit guide that had to be replaced. If such an energetic blockage is identified, it gets cleared during the realignment process I process before our conversation. And in this case, the spirit guide team had to be restructured because a new guide had to join the team.

Jim told me that he experienced a lot of very meaningful dreams after the Soul Realignment ® process. He shared with great excitement that the new guide already showed up and introduced himself during several dreams. He could already feel the changed energy in his auric field.

Furthermore, there was another blockage with the energetic statement of dependence. Initially, this blockage didn’t make a lot of sense to him. Now, he said, “I got it; the dependence that still affected me was about myself feeling dependent. I was always feeling responsible for other people’s happiness and well-being. That was the kind of dependence I have created for myself.” Now, he is already making different choices, much more in line with his highest path and purpose.

VERY happy and grateful to experience the enormous impact of this beautiful, energetic work!

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Posted on

27. February 2018