“Everything Suddenly Changes Very Fast” | Marina D. | Germany

“As if the Soul Realignment was opening up more and more, many memories are pouring in on me, which I have forgotten or suppressed because they were too heavy. I feel a bit like being in a bubble. It is as if I had got the Soul Realignment yesterday, although it was already a few weeks ago. On this day, everything seemed to stop for me.

I’ve been stuck in the last couple of years. Nothing has moved forward; nothing has changed, I was dragging myself through these unsolved issues. Now, due to the Soul Realignment, everything suddenly changes very fast; as if someone had switched to the fifth gear. Which is good! I want to move on, to leave the past behind me and everything that blocked me.

I often read everything I got from you about my soul. I feel very comfortable with what you’ve found out. It feels very comfortable. Yes … I feel that this is me, 100%. As if I had found myself again. Or perhaps I have found myself for the first time!

I feel that the journey is not over yet, that I still have a lot to learn. But your Soul Realignment has laid the foundation for all of this. I can now begin to clean up! I cannot thank you enough! Highly recommended!”

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27. February 2018