Mission Purpose Soul Mission Energy Field Mastery

What’s your mission in life? What’s your purpose in being here? What is it specifically you came here to do, at this point in time?

Do you believe that you are here for a reason? Do you sense that there is specific work you should be doing and contributing to humanity right now?

If you ask yourself right now what your mission and purpose is, this post is for you!

Now, as many countries are now opening up again, navigating their way out of the corona crisis, you might ask yourself what’s next on your journey. What you should be doing differently, and what you should be changing in your life; in your professional life as well as in your private life. That’s an example of a special event; in this case, it’s an external trigger.

There are also internal triggers that can raise these questions for you. Your soul came to a point where she wants to make you aware of your purpose; right now. Some people basically sit on the sofa, and all of a sudden, this question pops up and doesn’t go away until they found their answer. That’s an example of an internal trigger.

Whatever your trigger is, be grateful that it showed up, guiding you to focus on getting an answer to this ultra-important question.

Three steps to identify your soul’s mission and purpose

Let me lay out three steps for you how to get to your soul’s mission and purpose. I will also share with you how I got to my mission.

Step 1: Get access to your soul’s wisdom and get conscious of the unconscious.

This step is all about getting clarity on who you are at soul level. It’s about learning what your innate gifts and talents are, and what soul energies you are most abundant in.

You might think that you know your skills, talents, specialties, and character traits very well. However, what you consciously recognize is also impacted by your upbringing, your environment, and the society you are living in. But there is more than this conditioned layer; there is more behind that surface. There is more that drives your behaviors. There is more that defines who you are, and that comes from an unconscious level. You need to get conscious of the unconscious.

And that leads us to your “soulchology.” You need to discover who you are at soul level, what you are most abundant in, what your soul’s special gifts and talents are. “Soulchology,” the science of your soul, is the energetic mirror of the term “psychology,” the science of the mind you are probably more familiar with. Often overlooked is also a so-called Manifesting blueprint. This blueprint shows you how your soul is wired and designed to manifest your goals and mission successfully. If you don’t know your soul’s blueprint and try to copy other people’s strategies that are wired differently, you will have a hard time succeeding. The wisdom of how to successfully manifest everything in life and how to live your mission is coded in your soul’s blueprint and your soul’s manifesting blueprint.

You can find more information here and here.

Once you know who you are at soul level, you can go to the second step.

Step 2: Clearing energetic “baggage” and get rid of old sandbags that hold your balloon of life back and on the ground

This step is about clearing all kinds of energetic “baggage” you might carry with you. Basically, we all do at least until some clearing work took place.

Energetic “baggage” can be in your multi-dimensional energy field, and more solidified karmic “baggage” impacts your life every single day. Karmic baggage, so-called karmic imprints, are inherited from your genetic parents and created by yourself in past incarnations and this lifetime. Either consciously or unconsciously.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that these energetic blockages HOLD you back, STOP your access to your intuition, to your soul’s wisdom, and PREVENT you from accessing your soul’s mission and purpose.

Imagine your life as a balloon, a hot-air balloon. Think of this energetic “baggage” as sandbags that are inside your balloon of life. What’s the purpose of these sandbags? Exactly, to keep the balloon on the ground. Now, as you want to take off with your life, you must first get rid of the sandbags you no longer need.

As long as you don’t clear your energetic “baggage,” as long as you keep these “sandbags” in your balloon of life, you can’t take off and fly. It’s as simple as that.

The energy that keeps you on the ground is not the energy you need to take off and fly.

Keeping your energetic “baggage,” your old sandbags, means that you will stay exactly where you are right now. On the same level of energy. And if you stay there, on the same level of energy, you won’t be able to get to your mission.

To figure out what your mission is, what it precisely is, you can do better than anybody else in the world; you must raise your energy frequency first. And the only way to do that is to clear energetic blockages, to get rid of these sandbags first. That increases your energy.

Clearing energetic blockages are the energetic prerequisites to make your balloon of life to fly.

Only then, your balloon of life can get up in the air. Only then will you attract different situations, places, things, and events. Then, you see things differently, and you see other things you couldn’t see before. And then, you can “see” your mission, then you “get” it.

You can find more information here and here.

Step 3: As soon as you got rid of all the sandbags you no longer require, clarity shows up, and you can “download” your soul’s mission. 

Harmony within you takes place. Step by step. Presence to the now. Your mind becomes clearer every moment, and your thoughts become clearer as well. As thought forms you no longer require, were cleared as well, you develop different beliefs. Beliefs that come from Source. Beliefs that are rooted in the Universal Laws of unconditional love, connectedness, cooperation, and the Law of cause and effect, also known as the Law of karma.

And then, you have put all prerequisites in place that your soul’s mission can find you. Can get through to you. Your soul will show it to you. You basically “download” your mission. Nothing you did so far, was unnecessary. Instead, all the steps were required to prepare yourself for your mission.

My process of getting to my mission was a long one. Your process can be much shorter!

Every time a trigger came up, it brought me a bit closer to my mission. And triggers showed up again and again until I got it until I finally listened and did the work I needed to do to “download” my mission. Let me share one of these triggers with you.

The first time that I was confronted with all these questions was a while ago, in my mid-thirties. I worked as a consultant at this time, and I was away every week for four days at the client’s site. At this time, the projects I was asked to lead got stranger every time. They changed from post-merger integration work (which I enjoyed) to EBIT optimization programs. I was asked to manage a set of turnover projects to contribute to specific profitability programs that were set up to move the client organization out of a financial crisis—tough calls to be made. I felt extremely uncomfortable, and the longer the project went, the more allergies I developed. My body sent these strong signals, as I didn’t listen earlier. Why did I not listen? Because all the “energetic” sandbags I carried with me, didn’t allow me to hear my soul talking to me.

That was the point when I was looking for help, for support, for solutions, for a different approach, for a different way to work. It was the first time that I came in touch with energy clearing work, quantum physics, and soul access techniques. A weekend course I booked out of nowhere literally changed my life. Fundamentally. Soon after, I got a perfect job offer, a strategy implementation role, some travel, but no longer consulting weeks. I moved to the Greater Frankfurt area, which was another great decision. The position was creative and constructive, focused on building a great, purposeful organization. A LOT more in line with my soul’s nature!

And that was only the beginning of adjusting my professional life to my soul’s nature. The last significant change was to get out of a full- time corporate role. I had already founded Energy Field Mastery, and I was doing so much work on myself over many years, had built and mastered various skills. And I already successfully helped people on their journey to get to the core of their mission. It was about time to make, again, adjustments.

Suddenly, it was crystal clear to me that my soul’s mission is to empower human potential. Empowering humans’ potential in their personal and professional lives, and when personal growth is required to attract and achieve different outcomes. And I do this as a coach, mentor, and as a strategic advisor in a corporate context.

Curious? Check out the essence of my mission here.

Now, more critical for YOU is YOUR mission! 

If all of this resonates with you, and you want to get rid of your old energetic “sandbags,” let’s get started today. I’m looking forward to assisting you with this beautiful process of soul awakening and activation.