A Spirit Guide Reading allows you to get to know your personal Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are souls that are currently not incarnated and have chosen this role. They are assigned to guide you in your human experience.

A Spirit Guide Reading empowers you to understand:

  • Your Spirit Guides’ individual soul profiles
  • What energies your Spirit Guides bring to the team to provide guidance for your human experience
  • How they get in touch with you and guide you

Spirit Guides ONLY guide, based on your intentions, regardless of the nature of your intentions (conscious, unconscious, clear, unclear, etc.). They NEVER tell you what to do. So, you can never blame them for your experiences.

Yes, it’s us. We are always in charge when it concerns the choices we make and their consequences.

However, you can improve or change your human experience if you “get” their guidance. And that’s a tremendous gift, especially when it comes to making important choices.

The Spirit Guides of your inner circle are exclusively assigned to assist you in your human experience. On average, people have between four and seven Spirit Guides in their inner circle. There is one Spirit Guide that guides you from birth to death. All other Spirit Guides are “hired” by your Higher Self during your lifetime, based on your intentions.

A Spirit Guide Reading empowers you to learn

  • How your Spirit Guide team is structured
  • Who your Spirit Guides are and how they “talk” to you
  • Where your Spirit Guides’ souls come from and what soul energies they bring to the team

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