“Blown Away; Blockages Dissolved” | Lorna M. | UK

“Ok. Ssooo, I had the Soul reading/alignment done back in May and was blown away on initial call with Tamara! The jigsaw pieces of this lifetime came together & showed me how/where those phases were affecting present-day inner blocks & restrictions through realising my Soul had inhabited many bodies & carried these throughout lifetimes caused by a curse!

Now I also realise that my ego/mind would not have allowed me to believe this about 10 years ago; through the evidence put before me from Tamara had actually happened & she couldn’t have known this! So from this & the 21-day ritual to integrate the alignment already there have been changes within me as I recognise these blocks have dissolved through my work and life! Thank you for this gift, Tamara! I love you.“

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27. February 2018