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Prenatal and birth trauma–How your mother experienced her pregnancy with you in her womb and how you both experienced your birth is of utter importance for your entire life experience.

“Really?” I hear you wondering if that’s true.

Yes, I can tell you with absolute certainty that prenatal and birth trauma is one of the most critical areas you should work on and ask for help to get the related trauma cleared at the quantum level. Because you cannot “talk” trauma way, and because these traumas negatively impact your entire life for decades, and you are most probably not even aware of it.

So, if you are not where you want to be in your life and don’t manifest your desired outcomes, you should continue to read and learn more about prenatal and birth trauma and what to do about it.

What precisely is prenatal trauma?

Prenatal trauma can occur in different ways. Most of the time, a few of these categories arise together.

  1. Shocks (bad news, loss of a loved one) and accidents (car or bike accidents, accidents at home)
  2. Emotional, mental, and physical abuse of any kind
  3. Drug addiction (alcohol, nicotine, pharmaceutical drug misuse, and other drugs).
  4. Being unwanted is another huge prenatal trauma for the unborn child.

Diagnoses that are made to potentially end the pregnancy and diagnoses that are done through the abdominal wall can also cause trauma for the unborn child, along with the emotional process of anxiety, fear, and worries the mother is going through in parallel.

Prenatal and birth traumas negatively impact your entire life

Prenatal and birth traumas have a massive impact on your entire life experience, your current, and your past life experience. These trauma triggers are sitting at your cellular and DNA level, literally for your whole life, patiently waiting to be pushed again.

And whenever these trauma triggers are pushed again (someone says or does something, the same abuse happens again, a similar shock or accident situation, the same birth pattern, etc.), an extreme reaction occurs, usually more extreme every time.

These trauma reactions are always based on fear. And fear does what?

Fear keeps you where you currently are. Fear keeps you in procrastination mode, in the current state. Fear wants to keep you “safe.”

And this is why people with prenatal and birth trauma usually have a hard time living the life they desire. They unconsciously attract similar situations repeatedly, situations that mirror the patterns they experienced due to prenatal and birth trauma.

Examples of prenatal and birth traumas

Expected to be a boy, born during a thunderstorm

One of my clients should have been a boy. During the time in the womb, her mother and father have given her the energy of expecting a son. Then, her mother went to the hospital with early birth signals. But then, the birth process stopped. The medical staff told her mother that the birth was not going to happen on this day. Then, a thunderstorm occurred, and she was born within a few moments. And she was born as a girl. Lots of disappointing energy from her parents was projected onto her. She received this energy of not being good enough right away.

For decades in her life, she was always in a state of shock when a challenging situation occurred; she felt unable to move in any direction, to make any decision going forward. She usually needed a thunderstorm–metaphorically speaking–a huge event taking place to get her moving forward. After the trauma clearing process, the most significant transformation for her was that she can now make choices and act on her own when challenges occur. Imagine what this means for an entire life! And, what kind of partners did she attract? Of course, partners gave her the feeling of not being good enough. Read more here.

Being unwanted, foster home, feeling like the odd one out

Another client of mine was unwanted. As her mother found out that she was pregnant with her, her mother’s lover walked away and left her alone. A very stressful situation for her mother that came with existential challenges. She tried to get rid of her baby several times. This energy impacted my client during the entire pregnancy. Not enough, her mother gave her away into a foster home right after birth. There she also felt unwanted, like the odd one out. When her mother got married, she took her back home a few years later. And again, she felt like the odd one out, as there was a stepdad and her newborn brother who “really” belonged to this family. Her entire life, for decades, she was fighting for being accepted, for being seen and heard, for belonging, for being good enough, in her relationships, at work, everywhere. Was she running into complicated, traumatic relationships? Of course …

Umbilical cord two times around the neck

And here is an example of a generational trauma I want to share with you. One of my clients was born with the umbilical cord two times around her neck. It was the last birth of her mother, and even if not initially planned, she was welcome. However, her mother experienced many stressful moments in her pregnancy with her father, including existential challenges. My client was born blue with severe issues to make the first breath. Guess how her son was born decades later? Yes, precisely the same way, the umbilical cord two times around his neck.

This is an excellent example that these traumas are also inherited. Once I cleared that for her, she felt finally FREE. The transformation she experienced after her trauma clearing is beyond impressive. She left her job she didn’t like and wasn’t welcome, but she thought she needed it for existential reasons. She began another one and quit within a few days to find her dream role where she could use her innate gifts and talents. She could end the cycle of holding on to stressful situations in which she could actually no longer “breathe” (umbilical cord around her neck, existential challenges) and make different choices and bring her life into a flow. Read more here.

Being unwanted, physical abuse against mother

Another example was a pregnancy where the father didn’t believe that he was my client’s father. After my client was born, it was evident that her father was her father. However, he made her mother a hard time during the entire pregnancy, including physical abuse. You can imagine what a severe prenatal trauma my client carried with her; she couldn’t develop trust her whole life, not to mention the lack of self-love as she always felt unwanted and not loved. We worked on that a lot to close this chapter so that she could move on, step by step.

And even if the prenatal time is free from trauma, your birth can also cause lots of trauma. One of the traumas is a birth initiated from the outside, not from the baby. Usually, the baby knows exactly when to come out, in divine right timing, so to say.

Regarding your birth, you may want to figure out how you were born, what happened during your birthing process, and how your mother experienced your delivery. Drugs, anesthesia, cesarean, other mechanical interventions, etc., all can have a traumatic impact on your entire life. Sometimes, the situation as it happened couldn’t be avoided. However, you can always get your birth trauma cleared. Now. It’s never too late to do that.

Unborn children and babies perceive everything and take it in as a truth

Babies, unborn or born, perceive everything their mother is going through, her emotions, energy, and experiences. Imagine a mother who experienced a lot of joy and was happy during pregnancy compared to a mother who experienced lots of stress, panicked because of the pregnancy, went through a separation, or was left behind by the baby’s father, etc. The unborn baby will be impacted by all these emotional stages of its mother. And this impact goes to the unborn baby’s body-mind-spirit system right away. Energetic blockages are created at the cellular and DNA level, and the related memory sits in the deep limbic regions of the brain. And all of that happens even before the baby is born.

“Early pre-and post-natal experiences, including early trauma, are encoded in the implicit memory of the fetus, located in the subcortical and deep limbic regions of the maturing brain.” – Paula Thomson about trauma in the womb.

In such a situation–energetically speaking–each prenatal trauma creates an energetic potential at the quantum level. And that’s simply an energetic blockage, a soul fragment of you that holds the traumatic experience. It’s like creating a “trauma button.

Your current drama is the result of your past trauma

Especially prenatal and birth traumas –you are not even aware of–are often the root cause of the current drama in your life. These traumas are also what is holding you back every single day of you your life. These past traumas are the reason for your current procrastination, for remaining where you currently are, in a state of fear. Until you decide to clear your past trauma. Until you choose to change your current state. Until you decide to ask for assistance to end decade-long cycles of missed opportunities, undesired wants, and recurring drama.

Your past trauma is ready to be cleared. Are you ready, too? If so, send me a message, and we will take it from there.

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