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Trauma clearing case study | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

The challenges to be solved

When Elke started the trauma clearing program, she was very aware of the various traumas she experienced in her life. And she was in the middle of an emotionally challenging divorce, which added just another trauma on top of everything.

Elke already experienced advanced auric clearing and advanced karma clearing work before, so we could begin right away with clearing the deep sitting “trauma buttons” at the cellular and DNA levels.

The solution over five weeks

Past life trauma clearing:

We started with clearing traumas from past lives first. Often, clients tell me, oh no, do we need this? And I always insist and explain that the accumulated traumas from our past lives are at last times 100 or 1,000 the traumas we experienced in this lifetime. So, there is a reason why clearing past life trauma is a critical success factor.

During this session, past life situations came up for Elke. It was a situation in which her husband, who filed for divorce, mauled her. As to be expected, this clearing was heavy for her. A few days later, she shared that her husband was hospitalized with severe skin inflammations and irritations.

Prenatal and birth trauma clearing:

We continued with the prenatal and birth trauma a week later. Before the session, Elke already sensed her birth during a thunderstorm and that her parents hoped that she would be a boy.

As we started the session, she shared with me that there was a thunderstorm out there right now. As soon as we completed the clearing process, the thunderstorm was gone.

She realized that she didn’t need to wait for a thunderstorm to get into action for herself. Lots of birth trauma could be cleared, also that she should have been a boy–a situation that created a lifelong “I’m not good enough” situation. This pattern, caused by prenatal and birth trauma, heavily impacted her life in various areas, such as her relationships, marriage, business, finances, and more.

Childhood trauma clearing:

The next session was about clearing her childhood traumas. Elke had a strict mother who told her children not to disturb her, under no circumstances, during her afternoon nap. Elke and her sister faced various challenging situations where they needed her Mum right away, but she and her siblings were too afraid to disturb her. Different situations happened when she was left alone or felt abandoned when her parents brought her into a boarding school, and all other children were picked up for the vacation, except her.

Adulthood trauma clearing:

Already a few days before the session, physical abuse that happened in her marriage more than ten years ago got into her consciousness. Many trauma imprints could be cleared in this session, as she could finally let go of the abuse. She realized that not clearing this trauma kept both in the drama triangle of the victim, rescuer, and the prosecutor. The emotional and mental clearing of this trauma was very heavy. Elke, for the first time in over a decade, felt free.

Emotional and mental trauma clearing:

In this final session, we cleared emotional and mental traumas with a specific focus on clearing all remaining codependency patterns of all her past relationships.

Transformation for Elke

Elke experienced a massive transformation:

“The trauma clearing had a massive impact on my life. The process got me out of my state of shock and empowered me to take action. Whenever somebody pushed my trauma buttons in the past, I felt paralyzed, frozen in shock, and could not make any decisions. 

Now, these trauma buttons are cleared, and whenever a critical situation occurs, I know I am in my power, and I can take action at any time. I sleep better and am more dynamic; I feel more liberated and satisfied than ever before. I am finally free!

And I learned to accept things as they are. I am out of the cycle of fighting to be heard and seen all the time. I am definitely on the way to myself!

I highly recommend trauma clearing with Tamara to everyone who wants a change their lives and who wants to live their destiny independently.” 

Thank you so much, dear Elke, for your trust!

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Image: Photo by André Lergier on Unsplash